Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Home prices, guns and Trump

Home prices

I find it pretty suspicious that the statistics show that home prices in Boise have jumped 13.6% in the last year alone. Then how is it that my tax appraisal jumped 100% in one year? Last year, my home was appraised at $145,000 (sight unseen). Now the (government) claims it is worth more than $300,000. I just had a professional assessment done on my property that came out at just above $200,000. That doesn’t take into account that my roof hasn’t been replaced in 30 years, or the fact that my plumbing and electrical systems are just as old. This borders on extortion.

Barbara Fairchild, Boise

Cars vs. guns

A drunk rear-ends a car stopped at a red light and kills three little girls. Sad, but it happens. It was an automobile accident, not much we can do about it. But if he had used a gun to kill those girls instead of a truck, the reaction would have been quite different. Headlines across the country, “another mass shooting.” Candlelight vigils. Demonstrations. Demands to do something about it.

Every six months, more Americans are killed in car wrecks than died at the Normandy D-day in WWII. Yet we shrug it off. Automobile accidents, they happen, right? Not much we can do about it.

That’s America.

Gil Hogue, Nampa

Thank you

On Tuesday, Aug. 20, while on a long road trip, we experienced the ugly problem of a flat tire. Out in the middle of nowhere (and no cell service), we pulled into a tiny campground where we were stumped by an inability to remove the lug nuts. My husband knocked on the door of the only camper we saw and found a couple of very helpful gentlemen from Boise. Brett not only got the tire off, he helped remove the spare and fit the jack. We were able to limp into the next town and continue our trip.

Our thanks to Brett and Mark.

Mary Lee Niethold, Indio, California

Bieter for mayor

Education has always been important to our family and we believe in high-quality learning opportunities for all children. As parents of two Boise public school students, and one of us a Boise School District trustee, we know how vital it is to have our city be a strong partner in efforts to support our children’s education. That’s why we’re writing in support of Dave Bieter for mayor.

Education always has been and continues to be a top priority for Dave. Because of his ability to work hand in hand with Boise schools and the strong partnerships he has built, Dave has been the leader that established a pre-K initiative on the Bench. Dave is the only candidate with a plan to expand and improve upon this success.

We recognize our education system falls primarily under the Boise School District, which is managed independently from the city, but Mayor Bieter is the candidate who has proven what strong partnerships looks like and will continue to work on issues that will have a positive impact on Boise’s children and their families. We invite you to join us and vote for Dave Bieter for mayor.

Beth and Johnathan Oppenheimer, Boise

Distinguished teachers

Wow, I’m impressed. 98% of teachers statewide are rated as “proficient” or “distinguished” while only 24 of the state’s 18,834 teachers are “unsatisfactory.” That’s quite a record. Idaho must have the cream of the crop teacher-wise. A few questions come to mind. Does this mean that over 98% of the parents believe their children are being taught by the cream of the crop? Your article points out that student achievement doesn’t match the 98% number.

What is the process by which teachers are evaluated by the parents? Are there evaluations similar to the those that service departments at auto dealerships have to evaluate the customer service offered? My family had four children in Idaho schools, and I never was aware of a review process.

How many teachers were put on some sort of probationary status last year, and how many improved on their performance? And then, how many teachers were terminated because of a lack of improvement or a poor attitude?

Education is of course vitally important to our future. Teachers are equally important, and they must be evaluated properly and accurately. To do less is unfair to all teachers. In my working life, I could never say that 98% of the employees of my company were “proficient” or “distinguished.” My company had client evaluations that were taken very seriously and reviewed on an ongoing basis. Poor customer marks were immediately addressed and steps taken to rectify the problem. Shouldn’t education do likewise?

98%? Really?

David G. Decker, Eagle


This blame-Trump-for-everything-bad is getting ridiculous. The El Paso shooter is said to be motivated by Trump but he says in his manifesto his beliefs predate Trump and he is angry at both parties because of lack of action on Democrat beliefs such as “Corporations are heading the destruction of our environment by shamelessly over-harvesting resources…. Water sheds around the country, especially in agricultural areas, are being depleted. Fresh water Is being polluted from farming and oil drilling operations.” He thinks the influx of foreigners is just exacerbating the problem.

Connor Betts, the other shooter in Ohio, was a registered Democrat who supports Elizabeth Warren, hates Trump, and tweeted this: “I want socialism, and I’ll not wait for the idiots to finally come round to understanding.”

To blame Trump for the actions of the recent shooters who are more left than right in their views is journalistic malpractice by the media. Instead of using these sad events for political purposes we need to search for solutions as Trump did in his successful efforts to supply the Dayton police department with more funds to deal with these situations. Many lives were saved by their quick action.

Joseph Dewey, Boise