Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor


The current occupant of the White House now seems to think he can order American companies. That would be government control of private enterprise, Mr. Chosen one, or whatever it is you think you are king of. I never want to hear the word socialism uttered by any enabling member of the Republican party again for as long as I live.

Richard Boozel, Star

Lemon laws

A Boise auto dealer said they would not sell a new vehicle unless an agreement to arbitrate under the lemon law was signed. That’s an attempt to interfere with legal rights. Our government shouldn’t allow this. Idaho Department of Motor Vehicles and the Tax Commission are allowing/requiring auto dealers to collect sales tax on document fees. This means the government agrees that a doc fee is not really a service fee but is merely sales profit. Again, not ethical or legal. Would love to see the Idaho Legislature pass an all-in pricing requirement on any item for sale.

Jack Durham, Boise


Really, Boise? Do we as a city really want to prosecute people who happen to be homeless for sleeping on the streets if they have nowhere else to go? Is this all we can come up with, all the compassion we are able to muster? In the spirit of Scott McIntosh’s request for honest and respectful conversation about important issues, I am listening and open to learning why this is where we end up. We have this amazing urban meeting place downtown. Why not use JUMP as a meeting place to see if together, we are able to come up with a better, more helpful solution other than using the criminal justice system to prosecute our fellow Boiseans who are homeless with no place to go and no available space in the shelters. Why not surround each person who is homeless with a compassionate “family support system” of volunteer Boiseans who work alongside legal, mental health and spiritual advisers? I can’t help but think that the $300,000 that the city of Boise plans to use if this case is taken to the Supreme Court couldn’t be used in a more constructive and compassionate manner.

Billie Weinstein, Eagle

Fair impressions

I belong to a group of photographers called Photo Assignment. Saturday night we 24 started in two groups from the photography area to walk the fairgrounds, collecting impressions of the fair, led by our imminently gifted teachers for reference. The place was crazy crowded. Everyone was respectful, asking us questions about our cameras and our evening’s mission. But loosely translated, it was combat photography. Dust, blaring music, ride-sound effects, riders’ screams plunging near perilously to earth or swinging in circles above our heads. Toward closing, we slowly faded, leaving for home. A camera and tripod over my shoulder, I stopped for one last Pronto Pup slathered in mustard before heading back to my car, among throngs of babies hanging from their parents’ shoulders, and those still sugared-up, still rock-n-rollin’ in their strollers, oldsters/youngsters hanging on to each other with love, adolescents hanging together only as awkward can...on a hot summer Boise night. People liquored up and not, all mellow and enjoying themselves. As I exited the last security gate, entering an area of a few cars/people/dogs with no anxiety, I hoped the retreating crowd of old or new locals will each remember why we love Boise so dearly.

Robert Whitlatch, Boise


Why would anyone vote for a Socialistic government? Could it be the thought of free this and free that, for which the rich are to pay? What happens when the rich run out of money? Our country will become socialistic like Venezuela, once one of the richest nations to one of the poorest with its people starving. Maybe voters grew up in a Democratic household? When I turned 21, I registered as my parents had.

After married and after teaching a year, my husband served two years and upon his return, registered Republican. I did not have time to research the issues, as I returned to college to earn a degree and care for our five children, ages 1-8. My disapproval of President Clinton’s womanizing and viewing The Clinton Chronicles, I registered Republican. Although I had a different candidate in mind when Donald Trump was nominated, I voted for him. I am so happy I did. President Trump is the only president in history to care for us, the United States citizenry. He has made America great again, and with his 2020 win, he shall keep America great. Only then will we have true freedom.

Marie DeKnikker, Cambridge


My husband said that if you want President Trump to do what you want, all you have to do is write him a “beautiful” letter just like Kim Jong-un does. So here goes...

Dear President Trump: I like the color of your red ties. Plus it is nice that you always wear suits. Will you please stop being so nasty to everybody who disagrees with you? Plus you could work on bringing some dignity to the office, too. I hope you like my letter because I am being very sincere.

Jean Jeffries, Meridian