Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor

Mass shootings

Gun control is like refusing to sell alcohol to a non-drinker to stop drunk driving. There are millions of gun owners who are 100% innocent of any crime, yet, when there is a shooting, they want to blame the innocent and threaten to take their firearms away from them that they just might need to protect themselves and their families or their friends, yes and even strangers, from the unannounced mass killer that laughs at gun laws that suddenly shows up cutting people down with whatever they have. Guess what, there’s no one to stop him because he has been disarmed.

By the time the police get there, get organized with a plan, it’s way too late. Politicians know they can’t stop these horrible atrocities, they have to do something to make it appear as though they are really getting something done, so here we are. You know the rest.

Steve Dickey, Nampa

Statesman lies

Regarding Jeannie Peterson’s Aug. 18 letter to the editor: “60% of Americans are not being represented or governed.” I feel very sad that there are people in our great country who have bought the brainwashing and the lies from the mainstream media including outlets like the Idaho Statesman that allow letters to the editor like this without a shred of facts or truth. The Statesman has done it before and I’m certain will do it again. The hearsay and conjecture that Ms Peterson is allowed to use borders on malfeasance. People’s opinions are exactly that their opinions, but the Statesman should have an ounce of “journalistic integrity” or stop pretending to be a news organization and change your name to the Idaho left wing only ideology paper.

Calling our Idaho elected representatives names and falsely accusing them of having ties to Russia is a flat out lie. By the way Ms Peterson a history lesson for you, the Soviet Union collapsed in Dec of 1991. Trumps base is not 40% and they are not all White Nationalists or Supremacists. Check the NY Times article from 4/23/15 and you will find plenty of facts on Russia/Clintons and the real Russian connection.

Jeffrey Engelbert, Eagle

Macular degeneration

A few years ago, my husband went to a eye doctor for his regular checkup. At that time, he had dry macular degeneration. The doctor immediately told him he needed cataract surgery without warning him it could possibly destroy his vision because of the macular. Well it did. Following that, a year or two later, a retina specialist told him if he had the other cataract removed from the other eye it would help. Again not telling him the possible effects the surgery could produce. He is now legally blind in both eyes. He had 20/20 vision prior to the surgery. So please question your doctor if you have macular degeneration. They won’t tell you and you could possibly end up at the Commission For The Blind like we have. They do not share the possibilities of negative results other than the form you sign. Had my husband realized the possible results with macular degeneration, he would not have taken the chance. So please question your surgeon before saying yes. It is life changing and a tragedy.

Sandra Gardner, Eagle

Head Start buses

I was disgusted reading the Aug. 21 Statesman article regarding the harassment of migrant children’s buses here in Idaho. These are innocent children being transported to their Head Start centers where they are part of early education programs. These are children of migrant (not always illegal) agricultural workers who are responsible for putting food on the table of Idahoans. The fact that Head Start now has to conceal the writing on buses at a cost of $3,000 per bus in the hopes of stopping this harassment, is a sad reminder of what the disaster known as Trump has created in our society. Idahoans are better than this, and I can only hope that our leaders in the Capitol speak out against this hate. But sadly I think the silence will be deafening.

Bryan Gerecke, Eagle

Free speech

The free speech we enjoy does not encompass the right to holler “fire” in a theater but, in today’s America, it doesn’t seem to exclude the right to incite violence. We have come to accept hate speech from top to bottom. We call ourselves a Christian nation, yet where is the guidance in Christian principles we ought to receive from those who lead us? I’m struck by the hypocrisy of many professed Christians. Who among you are the “good Samaritans?” Does your scripture tell you to turn your backs on those who have trekked hundreds of miles seeking refuge from poverty and persecution for their families? In Sunday school, I used to sing, “Jesus loves the little children. Red and yellow, black and white. They are precious in his sight.” I am lucky to be white and a third-generation American. I am lucky that my Czech grandfather had the (courage) to trek across Europe at 14 and get steerage to America. Don’t most of us share that kind of history? Would Jesus have denied that to someone who isn’t white? “Come on, people now, smile on your bother, everybody get together, try to love one another right now.”

Jack Havlina, Boise

Property taxes

In just eight years through 2019, my property taxes have gone up 100%. Did I receive a 100% increase in services? We have a group of elected officials, fat and happy sitting at the property tax buffet dining table with plates and plates of tax dollars to be taken, consumed, and they want more. A solution to this act of extreme taxation loaded on the taxpayer is to limit the amount each year in property tax that can be collected and that is to be tied directly to the inflation report that is published as an official document of the government each year. In January 2019, for example, the inflation rate was 1.55%. In 2018, that rate was 2.07 and in 2015, the rate was in the negative range -.09.

Each taxing authority could not go above the inflation rate as to their property tax receivable to be collected. If a taxing authority in previous year had a receivable of $10 million in property tax, then the next year, 2019-20, they could not collect more than $155,000 that meets the inflation rate of 1.55% and not tied to assessed value subjective.

Galen Kidd, Boise

Veteran’s Aministration

I read that the Veterans Administration in Boise is considered one of the best. Funny, I wasn’t asked about it. I’ve been retired from the Navy for 25 years and have been since then trying to get my VA benefits. First, I was told I make too much money in my civilian to get any VA benefits, then after a mild stroke in 2003, I was told, even after I sent them all the information that they couldn’t find anywhere that I had even served in the Navy, then after I was finally put on SSI due to an industrial accident, I tried again but was told they can’t find anywhere that I’m an American citizen. This journey has been for over 24 years and now that I have the Disabled American Veterans working with me, they are saying that just as of 15 July, is the first time I have applied. And even though all my information has been computerized, the VA can’t seem to find it. Best in the West? Someone has been blowing smoke somewhere when it comes to the new Secretary for the VA.

Gary Maslonka, Nampa