Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor


We struggle to deal with one another in an honest, civil and respectful manner. We seem to relish in using putdowns, ridicule, sarcasm, name calling, etc. Someone asked, “When will it ever end?”

It seems to be open season on anyone who pursues an alternate path of political ideology or promotes a religious, faith-based initiative. A recent survey found only 52% of Americans believe people can be trusted, 58% believe most people would try to take advantage of them if they got a chance. And 62% said they believed most of the time people just look out for themselves.

Most Americans find it hard to discern what is true when spoken by pundits, social media or elected officials. Jesus said of the Pharisees of his day, “They draw near to me with their lips, and with their mouths they do honor me, but their hearts are far from me.” Two-thirds of Americans firmly believe their government intentionally withholds information that could safely be released. We spend endless hours trying to find out who is telling the truth in Senate hearings, court proceedings. etc.

J. McDonald wrote: “To be trusted is a far greater compliment than being loved.”

Morris Bastian, Boise


Our president has misspelled a word on his famous red hat. The hat has written on it “Make America Great,” but that is not what he is doing. Instead, he is making America hate.

David F. Rogers, Meridian


Many historical matters wish they had known the future, but they didn’t. Many wish they could change the past, like Boise High School mascot being the home of the Braves. I have not heard of anyone being harmed by being called a Brave. It will be three years before all can be changed from the home of the Braves to the Brave.

This is occurring all over our country. I am just curious, is the American Indian tribes going to foot the bill of what this is going to cost? Yes, I wished we could have seen the future when selecting these mascots and not have selected Home of the Braves. But alas, we didn’t. Accept our past for what it was and move on to the future, and save the thousands it is going to cost Boise High and other schools to change their mascot and all the paraphernalia this change would cost a school district. Spend the money on better uses and raise the teachers’ salary.

P.S: Are we expecting U of Idaho to send reparations to Sweden to compensate for all the years they used the Vandal as their mascot?

Blenda Davis, Boise

Legislative issues

I hope when our Idaho legislators reconvene, they will focus on these important issues. Raising the minimum wage. Putting a limit on property tax increases so that people can afford to stay in their homes. Helping with the building of new schools by including schools in the impact fees in new construction. Making birth control more easily available. Prescriptions for one year. No making Medicaid recipients have to go to a special provider. Allowing Planned Parenthood to talk about birth control after an abortion instead of making the patient come back for a second appointment. Let students learn about family life/sex education from trained teachers, while parents remain responsible for teaching their children their family values and or religious ethics. Universal vaccinations unless the child has a medical condition that would make this dangerous. The pope himself is in favor of vaccines for the greater good. Gun licenses that include written test and a practical exam, as well as the background checks. No gun sales without this paper, and the seller has to send all paperwork in or be an accomplice to any crime committed with that weapon.

Lori Poublon Ramirez, Meridian