Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor


60% of Americans are not being represented or governed. Instead Kremlin Crapo, Red Risch and Soviet Simpson are backing Donald Trump’s 40% base. Which is made up of many white nationalists. The president’s hateful racists rhetoric has normalized white supremacy and weaponized hate. My members of Congress have done nothing to stop this. All I can surmise is, they agree. Our democracy and Constitution are in peril. Putin has what he wants. Dividing us and instilling mistrust in our government. Moscow Mitch continues to sit on bipartisan bills to protect our elections. He’s in bed with Russian oligarchs to get an aluminum factory in Kentucky. Moscow Mitch also sits on bipartisan common-sense gun laws of comprehensive background checks and limits on magazines. No one needs a military assault rifle. When I call Senator Risch’s office my concerns are not acknowledged and his response is patronizing. Donald Trump didn’t drain the swamp. He swamped the drain. I used to feel sorry for the Republican Party because I thought Donald Trump had kidnapped them and they suffered from Stockholm syndrome. Enough. It’s time to find that key and get out. Vote Risch and Trump out in 2020.

Jeannie Peterson, Boise

Gun laws

When will our senators listen? When are the killings in America going to be addressed by Congress and stopped? You are do-nothing Idaho congressional representatives. Three killings in 7 days. AK 15 assault weapons. Really, when will you finally say no to the NRA and stop taking their influential dollars, and write a bill to tighten the gun laws? No AK 15s. Hate crimes are on the rise. Today is more important than ever. Do something or get out. Idahoans, it is time to vote these people out who have made this citizen salary a career with no action. Shame, shame, shame on them and us for continuing to re-elect them.

Cory Samson, Boise


Regarding Guest Opinion Aug. 5, Fred Birnbaum and his Idaho Freedom Foundation: Workplace diversity means drawing from a greater range of talent and personal experiences in order to expand corporate insights, with the expectation of better capturing and addressing the needs and motivations of larger client/customer bases. This grows business. IFF, through Mr. Birnbaum’s diatribe, is fully exposing its limited corporate demographic and hence inherent bias.

I can only extrapolate back through Idaho history, which shares Coeur d’Alene was once the epicenter of the Aryan Nation white supremacy movement. Is this what Mr. Birnbaum and his organization think of as “the Idaho Way”?

Kristin Stilton, Boise

Gun violence

This weekend I traveled from Idaho to our nation’s capital to meet with 2,000 of my fellow Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America volunteer leaders to learn more about how to prevent gun violence in our communities. We were together when we heard about more horrifying shootings, this time in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio. Throughout the conference, moms from all 50 states shared heart-wrenching stories of similar mass shootings and incidents in which their loved ones were killed with guns. We cannot let this continue; we must act.

There are many evidence-based strategies to keep our families safe. For one, Sen. Crapo and Sen. Risch need to vote to require background checks on all gun sales. The House of Representatives has already passed a background checks bill. It is time for the Senate to act. Join Moms Demand Action and ask our senators to demand a vote. Text CHECKS to 644-33 to be connected with our senators. We can create a safer community for our families.

Jess Westhoff, Boise

Albertsons family

For a good while now, folks in old established neighborhoods have protested ( without any success) when developers have bulldozed little bungalows and built mini-mansions that stick out like sore thumbs. It will be interesting to see if the Albertsons family has any more success with their protest for similar reasons regarding Kathryn Albertson Park.

Bob Fritsch, Boise


On Aug. 7, I went with two friends to support the tiny bakery at Hillcrest Plaza in Boise. Local media had recently announced they were being sued by the multibillion-dollar corporation, Albertsons, for infringement on a lease agreement. Is that to protect Albertsons from competition locating on their turf? Whoever you are that makes such decisions, have a decent and neighbor-welcoming Joe Albertson heart. I’ve shopped at 16th and State, his very first store, all of my 60+ years. My heart swells with pride each time I go there. But I’m sorry beyond words today.

The little bakery was sold out of their pastries when I stopped by. A note on the door cheered the hearts of patrons asking them to return. They needed to get caught up. ... Looks like it’s time for me to get going! Let the goodness go on for all of us, day after day.

Andrea L. Davidson, Boise