Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor

2020 Census

There is a long tradition of citizenship questions appearing on the census since 1820. We had the opportunity with the 2020 Census to solve the mystery about the number of illegal residents among us. Are there 10 or 20 million, or more? Any concern that a citizenship question will cause illegals to not respond can be overcome by adopting and communicating a policy that any future applications for possible legal residence or citizen status for those currently living here illegally will only be considered for those whose names and status appear correctly on the 2020 census. Others applying will be summarily deported. We should have set aside all the political nonsense and done the right thing for our country.

G. W. (Bill) Tonkin, Boise

What’s missing?

Our four legislators, Simpson, Fulcher, Risch and Crapo, continue to show their full support for Trump and his presidency. Paradoxically, that support comes in the form of inaction. I’ve been told, both in person and by letters, that their job is to work on behalf of the people in Idaho. What’s missing is to say that they support the Trump policies on anything (domestic, foreign policy, the judiciary, war powers, immigration or many other areas). However, I do hear them support Trump as he blames Democrats, the press, the legislative branches and others for everything he doesn’t like. I fail to see how this enabling passivity and blaming others is somehow of benefit to Idahoans.

The same applies to the many Republican friends of mine. All I hear from them is demeaning, denigrating personal remarks about Democrats. Laying the blame for any problems onto someone else seems to be the standard operating procedure. What’s missing is any reference to what actions this administration is taking. And how those actions are of any positive benefit.

I would really like to hear from our legislators and others explain how the last two and a half years have been of benefit to the population.

Charles E. Tate, Garden City

Independence Day

Contrary to what Mr. Eugene Robinson thinks (commentary 21 June), our Independence Day celebration is a grand pageant of our constitutional republic, not democracy. Mr. Robinson objected to Trump’s presentation before he heard what the president had to say. He ought to have waited to hear the content before jumping to conclusions that it would be a “political rally in honor of himself.”

Having skimmed through the transcript, I found accolades to American defenders, inventors, civil rights fighters and many others; a reference to Dr. King having addressed the nation “... on these very steps,” no reference to himself at all (so unlike the most recent previous occupant occupant of our White House that referred to himself numerous times in every speech).

Dr. King is not the only person to have spoken from the Lincoln Memorial. Others having done so detracts not one bit from the importance of Dr. King’s oration.

Those uninterested in hearing Pres. Trump speak could participate in a large variety of other activities, the president’s presentation having been only one element of the celebration.

Sheila Ford, Caldwell


Michelle Obama famously said, when talking about those who insulted their family, “When they go low, we go high.” She voiced the integrity that was at the root of the Obama White House. Trump often says that no other president has faced as much ridicule as he has. He has a short memory. He led the birther fight against Obama, which was proven totally false. He has another strategy – if people are critical of him, blame Obama, or Hillary, or claim that he never knew the person involved in wrongdoing. So far that strategy is working for him. His followers turn a blind eye to all of the reports and complaints of sexual misconduct, and of the proven lies, all of the pictures of him with the people that he “never met.” It amazes me what he gets away with and his followers, and the GOP in general, just let it slide, again and again. The party of family values and morals has lost its way. Unfortunately they are taking the whole country with them along this downward slope. Wake up, America, before it’s too late.

Michal Voloshen, Boise

Legislators’ offices

The Idaho legislators do not need more space. They can share offices or perhaps move into cubicle spaces that serve as offices for most other government workers. Or, an even better idea would be for them to stay home and let each Boise High School senior class represent us. I am sure there would be no frivolous lawsuits and the will of the people would be honored.

Odos Lowery, Boise