Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor


I guess that PETA members don’t care for chicken dinners. I also guess that PETA members ought to leave Idaho alone, and if you are from Idaho, perhaps you should take your other animal-rights idiots and leave. We like Idaho just as it is. Perhaps you would be better accepted in California where no one can make up their minds about anything except how people in other states should live. Get lost.

David Johannsen, Hagerman


I support PETA for the most part, but wonder did someone wake up in a panic and think, “We don’t have a new agenda for the day?” I’m sure Laura Lamb raised her own chickens. Loved them and killed them mercifully. How about Lizard Butte near Marsing. A natural formation with a cross stuck in the poor lizard’s head.

The Bluegrass band Chicken Dinner Road are friends of mine. All caring, decent people. Should they change their name to Chicken Power or Chickens Forever? I love roads and areas that have a story to tell.

Charles Simmons, Boise

Chicken Dinner Road

What’s for dinner? My suggestions for a new name for Chicken Dinner Road: Tastes Like Chicken Road and Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road?

William T. Lea, Boise


The experts told us that Saddam Hussein was up to his armpits in WMDs. Then other experts told us, if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor, and the average family of four would save $2,000 a year on their medical costs when the ACA is passed. Another group of experts told us that, by today, Manhattan would be underwater, snow would be a thing of the past and food shortages would be so severe that people would be cannibalizing one another.

We could have continued allowing such knowledgeable people with such stellar, proven records of success to lead us, but no. We had to go and elect a reality TV star clown for president.

What the heck were we thinking?

Phil Bridges, Nampa

Emissions Tests

In Ada County you are required to have your vehicles emissions tested. The car dealers in Ada County apparently are not required to tell you if the vehicle you are buying has been stripped of all emission components or if it will pass emissions in Ada County. This is wrong. If a dealer is going to sell you a vehicle in Ada County, then they must first find out if it is even legal to drive it in Ada County. I hope all of you that have been taken to the cleaners by these dealers are glad I spoke up for you. I also hope that our legislators read this as well and make this fair for everyone.

James W. Berg, Boise

Boise construction

With all the never-ending projects in the Treasure Valley, here is a bright and optimistic idea. Let us bring to a close all the proposed new projects for a year ... yes, road construction, new buildings, face-lifts. Get rid of the orange cones as soon as the street projects are finished. Give the citizens of Boise a much-needed break. Let us drive to and from our homes with a feeling of confidence that we all need right now. Let us know that the City Council realizes that we are massively tired of the mess Boise has turned into. I have lived here since 1974 and cannot understand why this explosion of proposed growth is so necessary. We need a nap.

Donna Cartee, Boise

BSU diversity

A message to the 28 Republican legislators who would like Boise State University to be less diverse: The reason we have diversity programs is because we have not provided equal opportunities for all. If you are concerned about providing equal opportunities for all, please do so. A positive first step would be adding the words to protect our LGBTQ citizens. I hope you are in favor of all citizens of Idaho having equal opportunities and civil rights. If you create an Idaho where all of us have the same opportunities and rights, we will not need diversity programs.

Larry J. Chase, Boise

BSU diversity

It’s difficult to accept all this folly of fancy surrounding groups who feel that they have been discriminated upon, treated unkindly, not welcomed, owed reparations for past treatment, unaccepted by the mainstream, and socially deprived. I get enough these days by just turning on the television.

I, for one, had no idea that BSU had separate graduation ceremonies because of these groups disdain for wanting to participate in the manner that recognizes their achievements having graduated from a public university. With emphasis on “public,” as you and I paying for it.

No, we should not accommodate these individuals for their beliefs, and that’s what they are beliefs from what was fed to them by these so-called professors at BSU. I believe that BSU has overstepped their bounds and has become bigger in thought than they are in size, with ideas driven by today’s leftist socialist. BSU is not a leader in society reform; it is a college seeking a 1A National Championship in football with very little concentration on STEM. Leave the half-baked social consciousness to the news media, because God knows it gets enough attention already.

Steve Graves, Star