Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor


The fighting about growth is exhausting. Elected officials are tasked with reviewing development applications, following laws and making sure the projects fit the comprehensive plans. Then those who disagree with the decisions like to dismiss and degrade. Since when did our disagreements allow us license to demean those who make those decisions? A recent posting in a public social media site was appalling when the writer made a comment about an Eagle councilperson. The comment was “… social scientist and homemakers are not qualified to make decisions on huge impactful development decisions.” Wow.

Where is the outrageous reaction to this comment? This same person posted that “moratorium” is the only answer for the staff and elected officials to be able to do their jobs. This misguided opinion would open the city to lawsuits.

I know the councilwoman. She is intelligent, does her homework and is prepared for every meeting. Please, let’s be civil and factual in our discourse and disagreements. Do not demean people because you don’t like the decisions. I’ll take the smart, diligent homemaker anytime over the opinionated, sexist opinions of someone who can’t disagree with civility.

Chris Stokes, Eagle

Salmon recovery

Gov. Brad Little has established a task force to study salmon and steelhead recovery. As a concerned citizen, I was extremely disappointed to read the account of the first meeting of the task force, when Little said that he remains “unconvinced at this time that breaching the dams will recover salmon in Idaho.” To date, more than $15 billion has been spent looking at ways to save the salmon without breaching dams, to no avail.

What is needed is the political will to move forward with dam removal. This is unpopular with certain interests in the state and region, but the arguments against breaching (the power they produce, keeping barging open), according to scientific data, are not valid. Salmon and steelhead fishing, both commercial and recreational, contribute a great deal to the state’s economy.

Wild salmon are an integral part of the ecology and history of Idaho and the Northwest. Breaching the dams would be a monumental step. People alive today can remember when Redfish Lake was covered in returning salmon. Do we want to be the generation that allowed the salmon to go extinct? There is no time to waste. Let us see some action.

Janet Schlicht, Boise


I do not need to read the Mueller Report. I do not need to know the about the 272 meetings the Trumps had with the Russians. I do not need to know the specifics about the 280 people who have died while trying to cross our southern border. I do not need to understand the reasons for Trump’s religious and racial discrimination against minorities. I do not need to know how much money the Trump family has made in violation of the emoluments clause. I do not need to understand why Trump has abandoned the Palestinian people. I do not need to know about his intrigues with Putin and Kim Jong Un.

I do know about Óscar Alberto Martínez Ramírez and his daughter, Valeria, who drowned while trying to swim across the Rio Grande River after being denied their legal right to seek asylum in the United States of America. In my mind they are victims of state-sponsored terrorism and on that account were murdered. “A picture is worth a thousand words.” That photo is proof that the president of the United States, Donald A. Trump, is guilty of a “High Crime and Misdemeanor.” He should be impeached.

Stan Smith, Moscow