Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor

Capitol space

Scott Bedke announced he is suing the treasurer to force a Capitol rebuild to build new offices for our part-time legislators. Why rebuild when we have a tried-and-true solution for another class of part-time occupants? When we run out of space for our schoolchildren, we drop a permanent-temporary doublewide like a farmhouse on a witch in Oz. Problem solved.

Rich Rayhill, Boise

ACHD, Boise

Kudos to the ACHD and City of Boise for creating a mega-pedestrian zone in downtown Boise.

Phil Toomey, Boise


Regarding Rachel Hager’s article, “Could Saturn’s moon sustain life? A NASA mission powered by Idaho energy will find out.” As a point of clarification, let’s be sure to give credit where credit is due. Besides “the nuclear battery energy source for Dragonfly will be made right here in the Gem State, at the Idaho National Laboratory,” the entire Dragonfly mission was conceived and developed by Dr. Jason Barnes and his research team “right here in the Gem State” at the state’s Land Grant Research University, the University of Idaho. Barnes and his team’s project competed against 11 other national projects as part of NASA’s New Frontiers Program competition. The U of I team will join 35 scientists from around the world on the project, which will be funded up to $850 million. Go Vandals.

Gaylen Wood, Moscow


I’m incredibly concerned about the fact that despite the order to end family separation policy on our border, we are still seeing reports of children locked up in overcrowded camps with no access to basic necessities like soap and diapers and toothpaste. There are also reports of children taking care of each other. This is completely unacceptable, inhumane and unethical. People are coming here seeking asylum, trying to escape from violence and poverty in their own countries, and we are traumatizing these children, probably for the rest of their lives. Undergoing something like this at an early age can cause all sorts of long-term psychological effects. I urge Sen. Crapo, Sen. Risch and Rep. Simpson to pass legislation immediately to ensure that these children and families have access to basic necessities and then work to ensure that no more children are separated from their families and that asylum seekers are not locked up.

Cara Applestein, Boise

Mayor Bieter

It was nice the mayor enjoyed and lauded Boise’s day of niceness. And he probably meant it. But is he nice to everyone or just those who happen to agree with him? Has he been nice to the citizens who collected enough signatures to put a proposal allowing a vote on the ballot regarding the library and sports stadium? Doesn’t seem so.

What is perplexing is the motive for the mayor’s fervent desire to obstruct and disallow this significant section of the city’s populace voice to be heard. If the mayor is so convinced the city is behind him, that this particular library is right, then why go to such lengths to deny the vote? Could there be other reasons? Is it ego, money, concerns for re-election? How is this being nice? It appears more like obstinacy, and that isn’t nice.

I again repeat my position that I am not against a new library. I just think it need not be so grandiose, expensive, ill-conceived and as ambiguous a project as it has been presented. Same goes for the sports stadium. Or is it just a legacy dream?

Robert Goyden, Boise