Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor

County administrator

Recently, a new job was advertised – a county administrator for Ada County. From this, it does appear that the three county commissioners decided to do a “blended” approach to the current a form of government without an official vote of the people on this potential change. The new job posting is for an administrator to run the county with a salary range of $140,000 - $175,000, plus an additional 30% for benefits. For Idaho that is the ionosphere salary range for a blended change in the form of government. This newly advertised position for Ada County needs to cease and wait for a vote of the people. Maybe it is time to change the form of government to part-time commissioners for let’s say, $1,000/month and a full-time county administrator with benefits for $182,000. There are many benefits to a county administrator form of government. Instead of political appointments, they would be made based upon skills, experience, talents and certifications. I would vote for such a change ... if the opportunity presents itself to the voters in an election.

Galen Kidd, Boise

Climate change

There are those who acknowledge climate change, those who deny it, and then there is Robert E. Bakes, guest opinion June 16. He thinks we need more global warming and more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Seriously? The Earth’s atmosphere is a very fragile balance of factors. As it warms up due to increasing carbon dioxide, we risk and in fact are experiencing increasing storms and fires, rising seas, and in some areas, desertification. Rising seas and loss of land could lead to mass migration, war, starvation and economic crisis. Extinction of species and loss of the lifestyle we know could result. Some say mankind itself is threatened.

Ninety-seven percent of scientists believe that greenhouse gas is causing climate change with potentially huge consequences. Nearly 200 countries signing the Paris Climate Agreement. It seems to be a uniquely American phenomenon to deny the obvious, largely due to ideology, a reluctance to accept change and misinformation campaigns. Yet to double down and say we need more global warming, by a figure as venerable as a formal state Supreme Court justice, is truly astounding.

If there was ever a subject that should not be political, this is it. How far we have to go.

David E. Donnelly, Boise

Trump and GOP

The Muslim brotherhood terrorist organization has been portrayed as one of the greatest threats to America’s democracy, but here is mounting evidence the real danger is much closer to home. The Trump brotherhood is marching unabated toward this president’s goal of replacing democracy with his vision of strong-man authoritarian rule.

Mitch McConnell’s Republican-controlled Senate is refusing to exercise its constitutional duty to provide any checks and balance on this out-of-control president. If Democrats hadn’t regained control of the “people’s house” in 2018, the Trump brotherhood would be reversing even more of the gains this nation has slowly achieved over decades to create a more perfect union.

The swarm of Democratic presidential candidates should set personal political ambitions on hold and quickly unite behind one candidate they can all passionately support. The future of democracy is at stake in 2020, and voters must be convinced that new leaders will make long-overdue changes in a dysfunctional political system that allowed someone like Trump to become commander in chief. Ridding American of the Trump menace will be a hollow victory if Republican leaders who joined the brotherhood are allowed to remain in power.

Sandy Jones, Boise