Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor

State’s losing lawsuits

I propose we change the state nickname from “The Gem State” to “The State Where Your Tax Dollars Will Be Squandered On Unwinnable Lawsuits.” Every time I read the news, it mentions another example where our legislators and/or state officials are doing something (or not doing something) that will result in paying out exorbitant sums due to their obstinence in “staying the course” – however wrong the course may be. We’re embroiled in lawsuits by confiscating truckloads of federally legal hemp, and what’s ultimately going to happen because we failed to protect citizens’ rights in awarding carte blanche to Alta Mesa? Remember the Ag-Gag law? How about approving – then rescinding – the horse race betting machines? Now, despite years of information proving major changes were needed at SWITC, we’re once again headed to court, where we are ultimately going to lose and have to write huge checks to lawyers and plaintiffs. People suffered and died there, but officials chose to sit on their hands until the subpoenas were delivered. Welcome to Idaho, newcomers, where you can rest assured that we can’t spend on education or infrastructure, because we’re wasting it all on unnecessary trips to court, fighting losing battles.

Curtis Stoddard, Eagle


If our U.S. senators, Risch and Crapo, would ever hold public meetings in Idaho, these are some questions that could be asked. 1. Why did you abandon conservative principles and vote for a massive tax reduction which primarily helped the rich and corporations while driving up the national deficit to a record high? 2. Why have you not voiced your concerns at Trump’s repeated refusal to release his tax returns? Do you think he has something to hide? 3. Why have you not publicly criticized Trump for his fawning and submissive behavior when he is with Russia’s leader, Vladimir Putin? 4. Have you read the entire Mueller Report. If not, why not? 5. You are both lawyers. Why do you not agree with the more than 600 former federal prosecutors who believe that Trump is absolutely guilty of obstruction of justice? 6. Please explain why you believe that tariffs do not increase costs to the Idaho consumer. 7. Why do you not speak up when Trump, a draft dodger, continues to disparage John McCain, a war hero, even after he is deceased? 8. How can you support a president who bullies and insults the leaders of our allies? 9. Do you believe that Trump is a good role model for Idaho youth? 10. Why do you not hold public meetings in Idaho where these and similar questions could be asked?

Don Lojek, Boise


When a bee is in your hand, beauty is in your eye. Why? Because beauty is in the eye of the “bee-holder.” Unfortunately, the opportunity to hold a bee is rapidly decreasing. Amateur beekeepers in Boise have been losing their hives to a number of threats in the past few years. One of which is the overuse of pesticides which contain neonicotinoids. This problem is not limited to residential areas. Studies have found a loss of over half of all native bee colonies. The direct result is that 71 of the 100 crops which provide food for the entire globe are being pollinated at half the rates they were in the past.

There is hope to be gained in this dilemma. Banning the use of pesticides which contain neonics in both residential and agricultural spaces will, without a doubt, shift the direction of this decline. Doing so requires Gov. Little to stand fast against the opposition of big chemical companies and call for a moratorium on bee-killing pesticides. I trust that he will do so, given that everyone will suffer if we lose our beloved bees.

Morgan Corkish, Meridian