Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor

Peter Crabb

Peter Crabb in last Thursday’s Business section has the right idea but the wrong solution. While I agree that Congress needs to step up and deal with the budget on time and reduce the deficit, reducing entitlement programs is not the right solution. Most Americans contributed their entire working lives to Medicare and Social Security. Why should the benefits, on which many Americans depend, be cut? The government (both parties) has spent our contributions as part of the general budget, rather than investing them as intended when the programs were created.

We need to stop reducing income by giving tax breaks to the rich, stop using tax dollars to bail out farmers who would have markets if Trump hadn’t started a trade war, have all government employees (including Congress and the president) be part of Medicare and Social security, and remove the top limit on income taxed for Social Security. These steps would help our budget woes. Clinton - balanced budget; Bush 2 - recession; Obama - turnaround and growing economy; Trump - trade war leading to government bailouts, tax cuts for rich and largest trade deficit ever. Let’s change the picture in 2020.

Marian Herz, Boise

Park speeding

I’m writing this to voice my concern about the speeding a lot of people do through Ann Morrison Park. They need to put speed bumps. People seem to be racing as they drive through. Also, I’ve observed how the poor geese get bullied so much, not only by minors, but embarrassingly adults too. More picture signs of “don’t feed the ducks/geese” are needed. The small one there gets ignored. I don’t know if I’m the only one noticing all this, but its not a relaxing place anymore.

Melissa Lemus, Boise


What is it with all the fuss about deaths climbing up and down Mt. Everest? People often die doing what they enjoy doing. Now it’s front-page news? Certainly there exists something of more importance.

Jeff Mist, Boise

Emergency vehicles

Moving aside for emergency vehicles, there are so many licensed drivers who don’t seem to know what to do when an emergency vehicle is approaching with siren blaring and lights flashing. Today I had a frightening experience when a driver did not know what to do when he heard a siren and saw an emergency vehicle approaching from the opposite direction. I was driving south on Eagle Road when I saw the emergency vehicle heading north toward me. I was in the fast lane facing the oncoming emergency vehicle. The driver directly in front of me abruptly stopped his vehicle and did not move. I slammed on my brakes and was able to avoid hitting this vehicle. Would you consider running an article about the Idaho DOT law regarding moving aside for emergency vehicles? I’ve observed too many confused drivers who do not know what to do when they see an emergency vehicle approaching from either direction. If you publish something about these rules and the law, it just might save a life – the life of a foolish driver – or the life of the person who needed the emergency vehicle.

Janna Nikkola, Boise

Ninth Amendment

Rooted in the Ninth Amendment, “the People” can send a message of principle over politics to Ada County Prosecutor Jan Bennetts. They can nullify the prosecution of truck drivers who transported hemp through Idaho.

Hemp and marijuana are not the same. Modern science proves this, yet Bennetts irrationally pushes prosecution saying, “Those of us who enforce Idaho’s laws are bound by the laws which currently exist, not those which may exist at some future date.”

An adultery law (IC 18-6601) “currently exists.” When is the last time Bennetts prosecuted it? Of all of the domestic violence cases she sees surely evidence of adultery has surfaced many times. By her own reasoning isn’t Bennetts “bound” to enforce this law?

This is corrupt. Obviously, Bennetts’ motivation is purely political and driven by helping ISP save face at the cost of the freedom of three men. ISP is a professional agency. Troopers acted in good faith, but were wrong. It is that simple. Time to police the prosecutor. End this Ada County. Nullify.

“The law itself is on trial quite as much as the cause which is to be decided.” – Harlan F. Stone, chief justice 1941

Doug Traubel, Boise

Molinari Park

As a person spearheading changes in the Molinari Park project or development, Mr. Lau’s comment left out many important issues. The design of this project does not meet the comprehensive plan of Eagle in so many ways. However, our City Council has gone out of their way, so it seems, to grant variances and zoning changes to accommodate the developers. In addition the mayor of Eagle has misrepresented the need for apartments, especially the high-density kind that he advocates. Unfortunately their was no real impact studies done to see what the impact would be on roads, schools, sewer, water and other essential services. This is a miscarriage of growth. Furthermore, I have not met a business owner or a resident who thinks the current Molinari plan for downtown Eagle is a good thing. The only positive comments I have heard have been persons with a vested interest in this development. Lastly, despite the many complaints to the council, they have given way to the developers. Eagle is against poor growth, not growth itself.

Paul Villaret, Eagle