Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor

Gov. and Garth

Maybe the governor should spend less time trying to get a second show with Garth Brooks and attend to important matters. He needs to put on his big-boy pants and set the truckers free and work on the outdated laws concerning hemp. The truckers did nothing wrong, What is wrong is the people in power would rather stick their heads in the sand and do nothing.

Alan Mackey, Meridian


Community college value is appreciated. During the last year, the Boise Area Branch of American Association of University Women (AAUW) sponsored a voter registration project to inspire local high school and college students to register to vote. The project engaged community and AAUW volunteers and came to the attention of instructors at the College of Western Idaho (CWI). Dan Garrity, CWI marketing instructor, provided an opportunity for his class to not only learn marketing skills, but to apply their skills to an active project. The experience of working with Dan Garrity and his students was excellent. The marketing ideas and presentation were of high quality and relevant. The students were professional, enthusiastic, engaged. They deserve recognition for their embrace of this community and education partnership project.

AAUW has benefited from excellent up-to-date marketing ideas and tools presented by Garrity’s class. The students benefited by applying their marketing skills to enhance a project that will make a difference in the community. Thank you, Dan Garrity, for the opportunity to work with you, your students. This was a first-hand opportunity to appreciate the value of CWI contributions to our community.

Chris Stokes, Star