Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor

Paine’s house

The large brick house that, for nearly two weeks, blocked traffic on West Jefferson Street on the way to its final destination was the beloved house of one of my favorite people in the world, my grandfather, the distinguished attorney Karl Paine. A recent article in the Statesman incorrectly stated it had been the residence of Bishop Foote, who had been prominent in the affairs of St. Luke’s Hospital. St. Luke’s bought the property in 1973 and subsequently named it the Bishop Foote House.

I contacted the Statesman about the error. The Statesman issued two corrections, the last acknowledging that it had been the residence of Karl Paine.

Karl Paine was one of those seemingly extinct old-fashioned gentlemen of scrupulous principle. On a matter of principle he was immovable. Following from those principles was a loathing of religion in all of its forms. His house having been named a bishop’s residence rather than his own may be the reason it simply stopped in its tracks once it hit Jefferson Street. Almost exactly at the same time the Statesman made its correction, it was willing to start moving again, and did.

Bradford Paine Shaw, Boise

Will column

George Will’s May 19 column proposing gutting the state “Blaine amendments” would, if enacted, lead to religious strife in America. The “Blaine amendments” protect our children from religious indoctrination.

In 1875, Republican President Ulysses S. Grant called for a constitutional amendment that would mandate free public schools and prohibit the use of public money for sectarian schools. The result was that most states eventually passed laws along the lines of the constitutional amendment drafted by Republican Congressman James G. Blaine in response to President Grant’s call. (Blaine County is named for James Blaine.)

James Madison, who is known as the father of the Constitution, laid out the reasons to keep church and state separate when he wrote, “Who does not see that the same authority which can establish Christianity, in exclusion of all other Religions, may establish with the same ease any particular sect of Christians, in exclusion of all other Sects?”

If conservatives like the idea of having public support for religions they disapprove of, they’ll like George Will’s recommendation to eliminate the state Blaine amendments. Conservatives can then look forward to publicly funded madrassas as well as publicly funded Buddhist and Hindu temples.

Gary L. Bennett, Boise

Lauren McLean

Lauren McLean’s announcement that she is entering the Boise mayoral race gave me hope that we may have change. In 2017 I volunteered at City Council meetings and got to see the council and mayor in action on a weekly basis. Lauren McLean, Elaine Clegg and Maryanne Jordan really listened to people and made thoughtful decisions. Mayor Bieter did not. Really listening is not a characteristic Mayor Bieter possesses, and one that Lauren McLean has in abundance. It’s what we need as a city to ensure we go on the correct path instead of unchecked development. Mayor Bieter’s refusal to even let citizens vote on the new library and stadium is yet another example of his arrogance and failure to listen. By observing Mayor Bieter’s actions, he is so for big development that he will continue to lead the city in that direction. Since the mayor appoints Planning and Zoning Commission members, it will be more of the same for the next four years if he is re-elected.

If you want Boise to have a chance at remaining a great place to live, vote for Lauren McLean. We need someone that really listens and cares about all citizens.

Kerri Adams, Boise

“Too many folks are feeling priced out, talked over, left out or forgotten, and that should worry us all,” McLean, 44, said in a news release. “They want their leaders to be transparent, set aside old grudges, and get serious about bold action to make every Boisean’s life better. That’s why I’m running.” Really, are you kidding me. I am a 6th generation Idahoan and a woman. She does not even know what she stands for. Nothing specific except I am a woman. I am so sick of people like her saying just because she is a woman you have to vote for her. She has no platform. Drag someone else off the barstool.

Monica Brown, Boise


The president of the United States, aka Putin’s puppet. What are you hiding from the American people, Mr. Trump?

Bill McDonald, Boise