Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor


Our civility is fading. Politeness, courtesy and consideration are waning. As one American leader once said: “All the education and accomplishments in the world will not count for much unless they are accompanied by gentility, respect for others, and going the extra mile.”

Christ, our master teacher, gave us the guidelines to foster and promote genuine and lasting civility. “Judge not that ye be not judged.” Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” He didn’t say, “Do it unto others before they get a chance to do it unto you.”

Our hip music and popular movie heroes get applauded when they use putdowns, belittling and offensive remarks, and speak with coarseness, vulgarity and rudeness.

It has been said, “Sloppy language and sloppy ways generally go together.”

The Golden Rule admonishes us to “turn the other cheek” and avoid an “eye for an eye” mentality. Putdowns, snide remarks, racial slurs, vicious rumors should not be part of our public discourse.

Charity sometimes faileth. But so do power struggles, arguments and putdowns. Going the extra mile isn’t easy, but it can be a powerful tool in helping to mend broken hearts and strained relationships.

Morris Bastian, Boise


Sixty-plus years ago, as a young, eager-to-learn student, each class morning we all proudly said the Pledge of Allegiance. We all said, “one Nation, under God.” Sadly, that is not the case today.

Our nation today is in a Civil War which is not very civil and is greatly dividing our nation. The past few days the media has reported congressional proceedings which has spewed out a load of anger, bitterness and hate speech. There are many who want to see this administration fail. Where is Pres. Bush to help us get back to “a kinder, gentler nation”?

On May 2 in the Rose Garden, there was a “kinder, gentler” meeting of humble, caring citizens who are deeply concerned about our very divided nation,. Angry, bitter speech was not heard. There were no self-righteous stones thrown at our president or leaders. There was much reference to our history of how God has greatly blessed our nation. Do you suppose we’ve gotten so busy that we have taken for granted these blessings, that we’ve forgotten the giver/blesser.

Maybe the “God Bless America” needs to be changed to “God Help America,” so we may be One Nation Under God.

Curt Vieselmeyer, Boise


I have lived in other subdivisions with homeowner associations, but the one I currently live in is totally different than any I have previously experienced. This is a wonderful community, great neighbors, terrific activities and I love my home. There is only one drawback. We have an HOA board of three that rarely have HOA meetings and never bring business to the community of 116 homes so we can vote. The three board members make all decisions. They never post the minutes of the meetings or mail them so we will know of any decisions that were made. If a homeowner makes a change to their home (example, adding curbing), they threaten to charge $1,000 a day until it is removed, even though other homes in the community have curbing. If you question any board decision, they bring you in for a meeting and won’t allow a spouse or witness to be present. You sit across from the board and the management company. They are using strong-arm tactics to get their way. They added $5,000 for legal fees to sue homeowners. This is a senior community that needs legal advice.

Judie Dietzler, Meridian