Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor


It would seem that ACHD would come up to the times. Since the 1970s large cities do road work at night. Many projects could be completed in a shorter time. During daytime hours large metal plates are put down to cover for traffic and taken up again at night to work on roads. You would think hiring a night crew with pay differential would speed road work. Many large companies do this and work 24 hours a day. It is very effective. Work two crews day and night. Working days quitting at 4 p.m. or 5 p.m., not working holidays or weekends, could cut many months of roadwork. Lots of people would be happy to have the pay difference to work the hours. Just a thought.

Nancy Barkell, Boise


The idea that American consumers will not be impacted by Chinese tariffs is as crazy as saying Mexico will pay for the wall.

Debbie Moore, Boise


In his book “Dark Ages America” author Morris Berman shares this information from a recent survey: 70 percent of American adults cannot name either their senator or congressman, more than half don’t know the actual number of senators, and nearly one-quarter cannot name a single right guaranteed by the First Amendment. Sixty-three percent cannot name the three branches of government, all of which brings to mind a 1920 statement by H. L. Mencken: “As democracy is perfected, the office of president represents more and more closely the inner soul of the people. On some great and glorious day the plain folks will reach their heart’s desire at last and the White house will be adorned with a moron.” This further reminds one of Shakespeare’s lines from King Lear: “Tis the time’s plague when madmen lead the blind.” The past may still have something to tell us if we can hear it, or as was once said by some forgotten soul, “Those who do not know their past remain children.”

Glen Boland, Meridian

Noise laws

I would like to know what the law enforcement policy is in Idaho and the Boise area for loud vehicles, and specifically motorcycles. On a daily basis I have to listen to motorcycles, since I live near State Street, that are clearly excessively loud with modified exhausts for the purpose of making more noise. I ride a motorcycle myself and I know that they come from the factory without these very loud exhausts. Surely there is some law here that restricts loud exhausts. But there seems to be no enforcement. I think that it’s about time that something is done about what clearly seem to me to be illegally modified exhausts. I also have a neighbor who has loud motorcycles on his property that disturb several neighbors when being started and revved during normal sleeping hours. What is our remedy for these individuals who have no regard for their fellow citizens?

Matt Gooding, Garden City

Softball rainout

Rained out again and again and again. The Idaho state softball tournament is once again rained out in Moscow. Year after year they continue having this in Moscow. This tournament costs fans a lot of money they do not have, plus they have to take off work. But the worst is the girls. All the girls, all teams are devastated. Yet year after year the athletic directors choose Moscow to have the tournaments.

It needs to change now. Everyone, contact your Idaho athletic department to quit doing this to these girls. Change this tournament to Boise or Pocatello. Do not schedule it for the rainy season unless you have an inside alternative for games. Quit punishing these girls for being good enough to go to state, and then ripping the rug out from under them

It is time for a change.

Jackie Johnson, Hamer