Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor

Terrorism story

Having just read the May 9 Associated Press article by Coleen Long on the FBI reports of more than 850 open inquiries into domestic terrorism, I remain absolutely confused by the insertion of the photo of Abdel Daoud. He was not mentioned in the article, there is no connection to him or any of the people or incidents mentioned in the article. I discovered on Google that he is a young man who is being sentenced for an attempted act of terrorism in Chicago in 2012. He was encouraged and aided in this attempt by undercover FBI agents. However, he has nothing to do with any of the situations mentioned in the article: i.e. Christchurch and Poway. Why did anyone feel it important to add his photo to this story other than he is a U.S. citizen of Middle Eastern descent? The two acts of terrorism mentioned in the article were carried out by white men, yet their photos were not deemed important to add to this story. Enough thinking that all terrorism is carried out by those from the Middle East. We need to be reminded that terrorists come from every country and every race.

Judith Lombardi, Boise

Meridian library

Kate Talerico’s article is misleading. She states that Meridian has only one library, at Cherry Lane. In fact, it also has Silverstone branch. She also makes it seem as if Meridian library has never expanded since 1997, when in fact it has employed dozens more staffers; where did it get all the money? They now want homeowners to pay $36-$50/year for 10 years to pay for this levy; at the same time, they want to get rid of overdue fines from irresponsible patrons? Most importantly, the article reveals the real reason for this boondoggle: not to upgrade its books or miserable pay for clerks, but for expanded real estate, because the library leaders now think they are not mere book stewards, but community social event leaders. No wonder the realtors quoted in the article are pushing a yes vote! Send a message by telling leaders you want our library to be a quiet refuge to read books, not an even more cacophonic, sprawling, disorderly place for social events, and resume-padding vanity project for developers and directors. Vote no on Tuesday.

Greg Robson, Meridian


Trump is destroying our democracy and shredding our Constitution right before our eyes. And the GOP is allowing it. Trump is eroding our democracy first, by weakening and abasing the free press. Calling them “Enemies of the State.” Must have gotten that one from Putin, his mentor and BFF. Secondly, democracy is harmed when there is a breakdown of separation of powers. The GOP in Congress are not acting like a separate and equal branch of government. Instead they’re Donald Trump’s minions. They have put party before country. Thirdly, democracy is destroyed by getting rid of an independent judiciary. Attorney General Barr is acting like Donald Trump’s personal defense attorney and not the attorney for the people of the United States. Another minion for Trump. Meanwhile, Russia attacked our sovereignty and the GOP is doing nothing to prevent it from happening again. Russian propaganda in the 2016 election reached over 100 million people. How can that not make a difference? But the president and the GOP have given Russia a green light to do it again. They want the help to get Trump re-elected.

Jeannie Peterson, Boise