Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor

Mayor’s arrogance

The arrogance of Boise’s mayor. Some days ago a local TV station ran a story about the rising price of houses and how landlords are pricing tenants out, all for greed. Where is the affordable housing? Then in the same newscast a story where the mayor insisted a fancy library and unneeded stadium will succeed. Sure, blow millions on those two projects while our fire department can’t afford to get their one and only jet boat repaired. That’s terrible. Here’s some better ideas for those millions: 1) How about doubling the pay for our police and fire departments? What’s the percentage of people living in Boise who earn a lot more money without putting their life on the line? 2) How about improving downtown streets so they’ll be more bicycle friendly? Most of them were built years ago w/o bicycles in mind. 3) How about building a number of affordable housing complexes? Forget it, none of those will bring glory and fame like a new library and stadium. Who’ll benefit most from those two projects? Who’ll benefit most from a supported fire and police force? Better streets? A home? And then today a re-election campaign was announced.

Leah Shaw, Boise


Countless thousands of autistic people are disenfranchised along with their families. Realize tens of thousands of autistic children are growing up to be autistic adults. Families across the globe are affected. As a person with Asperger’s syndrome myself, I have been blogging and I found out that tens of thousands of people have the same issues I do.

This block of people crosses all lines (social, racial, gender, sexual orientation, political affiliation) and affects families across the globe. I can tell you that they are frustrated with their government. I think that’s newsworthy, don’t you ?

Mitchell Bilankov, Boise


I was fortunate to grow up at a time in our history when there was morality, human kindness, ethics and patriotism without adherents to party.

When WWII broke out people lined up to serve our great country. Almost every household had one or more family members enlisted, including women. Those left at home served in different ways. Food and gasoline were rationed and many people had “Victory Gardens” to help feed their families and neighbors. Kids collected scrap metal and had newspaper drives. There was always someone there to lift you up or comfort those who suffered losses of loved ones. People were honest, hardworking and strong.

It is difficult to see and digest what is happening to our beloved country. Our current president and those who support him are so corrupt and uncaring, and trying to benefit from the country, not contribute. I hate to think what would happen if we were faced with times like that under this president and our corrupt politicians.

We can still “Make America What It Used To Be.”

Hazel M. Stevens, Caldwell

Great Old Broads

Regarding the lawsuit story filed by the “Great Old Broads for the Wildnerness,” April 27, just how is the military to receive the training necessary for them to maintain their proficiency to meet their responsibilities?. In my opinion, this group of litigants is spoiled and not willing to be inconvenienced. I am grateful they have the freedom to express their opinion, but what price are they willing to pay? Freedom has a price and it could include sacrifice, discomfort and more.

I write as a 92-year-old veteran of WWII. I had two brothers who served in the Air force overseas while I was in the Navy. We were willing to pay the ultimate price, if necessary, to end the threat to the freedoms we still enjoy today.

The Second World War generation is rapidly fading away. I ask the “Old Broads” and their supporters of this lawsuit, who will they look to for help if our country is faced with another national threat?

At least they should be willing to pay for their frivolous lawsuit. And on behalf of one old veteran, thank you to the men and women in all branches of the military who serve.

Roger Stamy, Boise

Indoor pollution

Do you struggle with headaches, dryness and irritation of the eyes, nose, throat, and skin? Shortness of breath, hypersensitivity and allergies, coughing and sneezing? These are symptoms of indoor pollution. Who ever knew. Common places such as malls, schools and office buildings contain too many people within the given airtight space.

Wood products containing formaldehyde have higher probable causes of cancer. Mold and mildew coming from wet and damp carpets as well as ceiling tiles exacerbate asthma and allergies. The Precision Nutrition article written by Brian St. Pierre, M.S., RD, CSCS, explains how to measure your indoor air quality. First you must test your radon levels. ... You should check for moisture condensation, windows, stuffy walls, etc., which could cause ventilation problems. If you are still unsure, you can contact professionals.

Affordable plants such as the spider plant, garden mum, dracaena, weeping fig, etc. help more of the overall issues. Be aware of the plants and hazards regarding children and pets. Next time you’re in a office or bigger building, look for plants or fresh air.

Aaliyah Martin, Boise


President Trump claims “total exoneration,” but only Barr gets to see the report? He lost $1B. He is likely in debt to Russian oligarchs through Deutsche Bank, but won’t show his taxes. His lawyer and campaign chairman are imprisoned. Flynn is a felon. Jared has a top-secret clearance he shouldn’t have. His best people have all quit. He ignores the law and subpoenas.

He promised he’d fix the debt. His yes-men handed the megacorporations a huge tax cut and the debt dove deeper. King Baby wouldn’t know the truth if it bit him. He repeatedly appoints rats to guard the nation’s cheese. 400+ U.S. Attorneys say his obstruction is provable. Putin’s his pal. Payoffs in Stormy Daniels case. He is the principal agent of chaos. Stall, defy, lie. Spineless senators look away.

It gets worse. He can’t quit or lose an election because then he can be indicted. And he is the king of diversion. Congressional chickens refused to amend the War Powers Act, leaving him unlimited power to start war whenever he wants. Iran, Venezuela, N. Korea? With warmonger John Bolton’s advice, war is almost certain when he gets cornered. Nothing like a good war to divert attention. Just wait.

Robert J. Elgee, Hailey

Mariners announcers

“My, oh my,” made famous by Dave Niehaus, the former Mariners baseball radio announcer. In a recent letter to the editor we have someone (Bruce Harris, April 17) badmouthing the two ROOT Sports Mariners play-by-play announcers to have “shameless rooting for Seattle is not only beyond annoying, it is disgracefully unprofessional.” My, oh my ... those are pretty strong words, Mr. Harris.

Why would anyone want to bash the guest comments of Dr. Bob Kustra regarding his love for the Seattle Mariner baseball team and their wonderful TV play-by-play game announcers Dave Sims and Mike Blowers – which, by the way, I totally agree with him.

These two men have been together for over 10 years broadcasting the Mariner games and do an excellent job. We love their “team bias,” whatever that means. I have enjoyed watching and listening to every game Dave and Mike broadcast and have never detected any kind of opposing team bias. I welcome them into my home every game.

By the way, Vin Scully was “in a league all by himself.” And you, Mr. Harris, enjoy your MLB Extra Innings package and don’t let anyone “force” another Mariner broadcast upon you. I agree with Dr. Kustra - Go Mariners.

Marilyn Ingram, Boise

Legalize pot

When will Idaho wake up and move into the 21st century? Idaho is giving revenue to bordering states by the truckload. Think about employment, tax revenue, reduction in crime and many other opportunities lost due to outdated, ill-founded and uninformed policies.

Yes. I’m talking about legalizing marijuana for medical and personal use. Ontario, Oregon, is opening dispensaries now to compensate for demand from Idaho. Idaho is giving precious tax funds to another state because we are too locked into the past and false stigmas regarding pot.

It is time to legalize marijuana in Idaho. Pot will be decriminalized in just a few short years, if not sooner, federally. Once that happens, if Idaho is not on the map, with all our natural resources in farming and land and know-how, we will lose out on a very easy solution to many of the economic woes our state incurs due to a lack of revenue.

The future is happening all around us, while we sit and watch other states prosper.

Open your eyes, Idaho. Vote to legalize marijuana. Say it with me.

Mike Kissel, Boise