Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor

ACHD traffic

Anybody that drives from the Broadway/BSU area up to the Boise Bench likely must drive either Kootenai St. or Overland Rd. to get to Vista. This small section of Kootenai, a residential street that has become a main arterial connector from downtown to the Bench, is currently under construction. While ACHD claims it is open to traffic, it is really a one-lane road with flaggers to maintain some traffic flow during construction. Today, however, traffic was held back for more than 25 minutes during the 4pm-5pm hour while construction vehicles worked. Cars were backed up all the way down Protest Hill and flaggers were letting five or six vehicles through at a time, thus the wait was nearly a half-hour, even after drivers ahead of me got angry and flipped u-turns to get out of line. I simply don’t understand how ACHD manages these jobs without a thought to the impact they have on drivers. A reader board or adequate signage at Federal Way before entering Kootenai to alert drivers that “up to 30-minute waits may be expected” would go a long way to at least allowing drivers to choose another route.

Pati King, Boise

Eagle Road

The southbound traffic on Eagle Road has become untenable. I’ve recently noticed a significant uptick in the traffic – to the extent that I often have trouble getting out of our neighborhood onto Eagle Road. In early April, I began outreach to local and state elected officials. On the same day that I reached out to the Eagle mayor and a City Council member, I received return phone calls. I also reached out to Sen. Scott Grow, with whom I was able to connect by phone. However, despite consistent email and phone outreach to Rep. DeMordaunt over the course of four weeks, I have not connected with her. Because there is not even a phone number for Rep. Moyle on the Idaho State Legislature website when he and the Legislature are not in session, I was only able to send an email request for a conversation with him, and have yet to hear back.

The city of Eagle and its residents face very real issues. It is disappointing that our local elected officials compound the challenges by their unresponsiveness, and it is surprising to me that the 14th District voters have tolerated this kind of unprofessional behavior to date.

Gwen Mellor, Eagle


“More States Take Up Ban on Abortion” underlines the third-class rights of women, behind men and the unborn. For the anti-abortion crowd, yes, you can have all the children, whether planned or wanted, that you want. For the abortion rights crowd, as the Supreme Court ruling affirmed in 1973 when the women’s movement was strong, “By outlawing abortion except to save the life of the mother, the court argued, states deny women the liberty to make their own choice about a pregnancy and fair treatment of a legal procedure.” Having and caring for children is the purview of women, and therefore should be a woman’s choice. A comic once quipped, “If men were the ones having babies, there’d be drive-thru abortion clinics.”

Margot Callahan, Boise