Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor

Forest management

Idaho has a problem, and that problem is the management of our forested lands. The federal government owns over 60% of the lands in Idaho, much of them rich in timber, but the lingering question is, how well is it being managed? With ever-increasing fire threat due to overgrowth and the poor health of forests, I would say the management could use serious improvement. Growing up in North Idaho, I have seen the smoke getting thicker, and the fire season growing longer, and now is the time for action.

I do have hope; reading the April 30 article, “Idaho governor says federal-state program may tame wildfires,” I believe that by adopting the stewardship agreement, Idaho could once again have healthy forests with manageable fires. Our governor is leading the way to get both sides to the table to find that common ground. I urge the conservation groups and timber interests to come together for the sake of the people of Idaho and find that middle ground. Let the timber-driven communities thrive again, let Idaho become a shining beacon of beauty and natural resources for our nation once more.

Matthew Gee, Moscow


Eighteen months seems like a lifetime for Americans who are desperate to vote out of office an aspiring dictator and the most dangerous president in modern history. Democrats must concentrate on 2020 and stop responding to every lie and idiotic tweet of this presidential con-artist.

They should carefully vet Democratic candidates to make certain the eventual challengers are polar opposites of Trump and Pence. Truth is all-important after Trump’s administration, and new leaders must admit Democratic Party complicity in the broken political system that resulted in Trumpism. Voters must realize replacing Trump isn’t a silver bullet and the chaos will continue if the dysfunctional two-party system isn’t radically reformed.

If Mitch McConnell remains Senate majority leader, he’s promised to become the “grim reaper” and bury any legislation proposed by Democrats. The GOP considers Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid socialism. McConnell will block legislation to provide universal health care, reform election financing, immigration, gun policy, energy policy and our widening income inequality gap.

Trump’s infamous middle-class tax cut is another Republican myth. Corporations and billionaires saved millions, but citizens on fixed or median incomes now realize GOP tax legislation created increased inflation that raised their basic living expenses more than any promised savings.

Alston Jones, Boise