Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor

Local growth

The communities of the Treasure Valley are growing at an amazing rate. Although this brings a great deal of economic prosperity, it also presents challenges that must be risen to. One challenge, central to any growing community, is transportation. The number of vehicles on the road is rapidly becoming unsustainable. It is time to seriously expand our public transportation system. Kudos to the Boise City Council for committing to 5 percent of property tax revenue dedicated to public transportation, but property taxes alone will not be enough. ... Local option taxes are a valuable tool in creating needed community infrastructure. It is time that Idaho join nearly every other state in the union in giving this tool to local governments. Allowing these taxes in and off itself will not raise taxes, but merely give local governments the option of putting funding options on the ballot. It is time for the Legislature to give municipalities this important power.

Rob Ham, Boise

Boise Arts Crawl

Bravo, times four, to the first Boise Arts Crawl on Friday, April 12. The four performing arts organizations got together to present their 15-minute productions in their own buildings. They are all on the same block and it was so well-organized, even with delicious catered food.

The fantastic four performing arts organizations are: Ballet Idaho, Boise Contemporary Theater (BCT), Boise Philharmonic and Opera Idaho. It was sold out and the proceeds went to CATCH, a nonprofit organization to end homelessness in Idaho.

Just hoping that they’ll do it again next year on a Friday.

Lois Lenzi, Boise


When Tammy Wynette sang “Stand By Your Man,” she clearly wasn’t in a relationship with Donald J. Trump. No woman with an ounce of pride or self-respect would stand by a man with President Trump’s lack of character, humility and loyalty to anyone other than himself.

After release of Bob Mueller’s report, residents of the great state of Idaho should be embarrassed by the behavior of the spineless Republican legislators they sent to Washington. There is now indisputable evidence this president is a pathological liar and incorrigible despot who is unfit to govern. These Idaho GOP politicians are still willing to put loyalty to party above loyalty to America, and proudly stand by their man.

Idahoans are rightfully proud of their chosen home, but the full potential of this state will never be realized until voters stop choosing political leaders based solely on party affiliation.

Sandy Jones, Boise