Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor


In response to Jesse Lehrich’s commentary, Feb. 23, we largely concur but think Lehrich was too kind to the president. The administration’s response to the crisis in Venezuela has been directionally correct, but Trump has found ways to foul up its progress. He appears only capable of being candidate Trump and never President Trump.

He serves only his ego and his base when he brags that no option is off the table, including military intervention. Venezuela needs regime change and with Maduro losing his grip, is braggadocious saber-rattling constructive or a rallying point for the dictator’s supporters? Trump should learn from Teddy Roosevelt to speak softly but carry a big stick. Regardless of one’s position on socialism, only candidate Trump would inject it into a response to this crisis.

Lehrich outlines several steps the administration should take, notably building a coalition to produce a coordinated response. Trump should learn from Bush 41’s successful response to Iraqi aggression. With allies, we should increase sanctions while finding ways to deliver aid. We should consider the needs of Venezuelans by granting asylum to those fleeing Maduro. It’s not the time for self-aggrandizement. We can demonstrate our greatness through care and magnanimity for Venezuela’s citizens.

Matt Voelkel and Thomas Kelley, Meridian

Idaho Legislature

Is it just me, or do the current Idaho legislators not only not represent my views, but also those of most Idahoans? Here’s just a brief list of their actions, taken, planned or contemplated, with which I strongly disagree:

1. Adding work requirements to a Medicaid expansion bill whose clean version was passed by over 60 percent of voters.

2. Increased requirements to place a ballot referendum, making Idaho the most restrictive state.

3. Allowed 18-year olds to saunter around in public with a concealed weapon, and to do so without additional training.

4. Gave parents a pass on necessary medical treatment to save their own children.

5. Permitted parents to opt out of immunizations, putting others at risk.

6. Downplaying scientific evidence of climate change, failing to take actions and completely ignoring the need for education.

7. Continuing the practice of allowing young teenagers to be forced to marry.

8. Allowing kids to be opted out of much-need sex education

I want a Legislature that reflects my views, not someone who wants to inflict their views on me. Please join me in holding these legislators accountable. If they can’t/won’t get in line, I would suggest that we find someone who can in 2020.

Tom Beatty, Boise

Mueller report

The Idaho congressional delegation – Risch, Simpson, Crapo and Fulcher – have been embarrassing sycophants for Trump since the beginning. They rarely challenge any of Trump’s many egregious personal offenses or policy blunders. But you have to wonder why they don’t want to see the full Mueller report. This is simply an abdication of responsibility. We elect and pay them to uphold the Constitution and American values. It’s pretty clear that Trump and his lackeys colluded with Russia to some degree. Why don’t our representatives want to understand more completely how our country was threatened, both by Russians and by Americans? This failure to perform would get you fired by 99 percent of American businesses.

Terry Rich, Boise

Mueller report

Take your pick. The Mueller Report determined no conspiracy charges for the White House. It also determined that the Russians, unequivocally, acted to get Trump elected. This begs the question, “Why did they want Trump elected?” It logically follows to ask, “Why would Americans do what the communists want?” And is it just my imagination, or are the recent legal conclusions reached for Mr. Smollet and Mr. Trump eerily similar?

Michael Stoy, Boise

Sen. Grow

I have been criticized by friends, neighbors and colleagues for voting to elect C. Scott Grow to serve as our District 14 (Eagle, Star, Meridian ) state senator. I accept that criticism and apologize to Idaho’s citizens for my misjudgment.

We thought he would serve our best interests. Instead, he chose to dilute the constitutional rights of every Idaho citizen by arrogantly spearheading an effort to weaken our rights of initiative. This power grab from the electorate is arrogant and blatantly inexcusable. Any support of Sen. Grow’s bill from our state legislators was a spit in the face of Idaho citizens. It said, “You don’t matter.”

We’re sorry, and will make amends when we next elect a District 14 representative to Idaho’s Senate. Our yard signs will read, “Just say no to C. Scott Grow.”

Morgan Masner, Eagle