Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor

Medicaid expansion

Gleanings, the leftover crops commanded by God to be left for the poor. In this way God provided food for the poor and stranger, if they wanted to gather it. There were no other requirements imposed on the gleaners.

How are those professed Christian legislators following this command today in relation to health care coverage? How can they add extra work requirements for gleanings when God did not? For God it was enough that they availed themselves of the opportunity.

What does it mean when more, such as work requirements, is required? It means someone is saying they know better than God what the poor needs to do to qualify for help. This superior knowledge increases societal inequality, which hampers the flow of love between God’s children. Divisions, distances and fears replace his love-your-neighbor-as-yourself commandment. Resentments form and fester, often into anger or violence. This is not God’s way to peace.

God’s commands benefit both parties. The poor receive the help they need and the laborers receive peace in their souls and society.

Legislators should have drafted Medicaid expansion without work requirements. Bring godly relief to the poor, ease taxpayers’ burdens and foster peace in our society.

Jan Neish, Pocatello


This is to thank the members of Idaho’s House Environment, Energy, and Technology Committee for holding the March 6 climate hearing about the real effects of the changing climate on our state. Serious disruptions to our climate are already occurring and impacting Idaho’s economy, health and jobs. I appreciate that Republicans, Democrats and Independent representatives in the Statehouse are seeking solutions to prepare for and mitigate these disruptions.

At the hearing, local experts discussed the impacts and opportunities anticipated for Idaho’s ecology, agriculture, energy, economics and businesses. It became clear that more specific information is needed to understand how climate change is affecting our state. It’s also clear that we cannot afford to wait to respond to the very real effects that have already begun to transform Idaho.

A majority of the public is convinced that action is urgently needed, as evidenced by the overflow group of citizens filling two hearing rooms at the Capitol. A video recording of the March 6 proceedings is available online.

Tammy Thomas, Garden City


On Jan. 16, Protect Idaho Kids, campaigning against Idaho’s faith-healing exemption law, had a meeting at the Capitol. The documentary “Dark Clouds Over Canyon County” was shown, followed by a panel discussion including “experts” Jim Jones, Canyon County Sheriff Kieran Donahue and, by video, Marci Hamilton (Pennsylvania).

Hamilton is co-founder of CHILD-USA, formerly CHILD. She has received awards from humanist organizations including Freedom From Religion Foundation. She is working to destroy all vaccination exemptions, including the religious exemption used by those who want to avoid vaccines made using aborted fetal cell lines.

Hamilton promotes information from the Centers for Disease Control, which Robert Kennedy Jr., of Children’s Health Defense, calls “a cesspool of corruption” and “a snake pit of Big Pharma lies.”

Paul Offit (Pennsylvania) is on PIK’s website (videos) as a supporter of PIK’s agenda. Check out what Kennedy says about Offit. Also, read the 03-29-14 “Forbes” article by David Kroll, online, “Dr. Paul Offit: ‘Journalism Jail’ for Faulty Medical Reporting.”

Why is PIK working so closely with “experts” with such poor track records on religious freedom, medical freedom, freedom of the press and even Second Amendment freedom?

It is not uncommon for “concern for children” to cover draconian agendas. Freedom-loving Idahoans: Beware.

Violet Fuller, Nampa