Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor

Marian Pritchett School

According to an article on Feb. 26, students at Marian Pritchett School will be replacing encouraging and caring teachers and staff with uncaring and impersonal computers next year.

Declining registration occurred when a news article mentioned the school’s move without mentioning that school would be in session as usual during the building phase.

Twenty-two students graduated last year. They obviously stayed on track, and with more space in the new building, enrollment is expected to rise.

It would be a shame for this program to be changed to impersonal computer lessons. A main reason for its success for so many years has been the love and personal attention these students receive from dedicated teachers and staff.

I have been donating children’s books and toys for several years, and have always received a thank you card showing a picture of the students and their babies. They are a hardworking group.

Marian Pritchett School has been providing a much-needed choice.

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Carol Hendershot, Boise

LGBT Interfaith Summit

Senator Hill — Attending all three days of the LGBT Interfaith Summit, I couldn’t help but leave frustrated because of your lack of commitment to action. Idaho continues to attempt to pass law providing equal protections to all Idahoans. This is not only painful, but a costly issue. The cost of waiting each session to Add The Words is LGBT children committing suicide. Idaho has one of the highest young suicide rates in the nation, and according to a recent 2017 GLEN survey, Idaho is a hostile climate for LGBT students.

I urge you to talk to your constituents, the Mama Dragons. If you look back in history, there was a time when blacks had to sit at the back of bus or were forbidden in certain restaurants. We now find these policies offensive. In 10 years, younger Idahoans will be asking why adding the words was such a political battle. Why was it ever OK to discriminate against anyone?

I pray as a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints you adjust your mindset and see the humanity in the LGBT community in the same way your people adjusted thinking of racial injustice.

Alex Milles, Boise


Trump has been lying, money laundering, tax evading, conducting a fake university scam, misuse of his charity for personal gain, racial profiling, campaign finance violations and inciting violence against the people or media who say things that he doesn’t like. Now, more than ever, the president needs to be held accountable for his actions against the USA, before and after he was elected. The president is not above the law, and he has clearly broken the finance laws that hold our country together. He’s been hurting our economy for decades.

Also, referring to Comey, Cohen, Elizabeth Warren and others by name-calling is so childish that our younger generation sees that and isn’t bothered by it! It’s ridiculous to think that the president of the United States of America is influencing our children to lie and name-call, and it is a shame and embarrassment. Why is Representative Simpson offended by his actions? Why haven’t my elected officials considered country before party?

Anna August, Boise