Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor

Donald Trump

Donald Trump is unfit to be our president. He cannot read, write or speak professionally or intelligently. At best, he is a semi-functional illiterate. The most important thing in the world to Donald Trump is Donald Trump. The second most important thing is Donald Trump’s money. He will do whatever it takes to get more, even if it compromises our national security.

It saddens me that so many hardworking and honest Americans have been duped by this charlatan. He has accomplished nothing of significance, except to divide our nation with his racist, hate-filled and ignorant rhetoric. The increased corruption in our nation’s capital has turned a “swamp” into a cesspool.

Republicans have sold their soul to this demagogue and now are reaping their rewards. I assume many Republicans are waiting for the Mueller report to come out. They hope the outcome will implicate Trump in many high crimes and misdemeanors, which will result in his resignation or impeachment. The Republicans in Congress don’t want to dirty their hands, or look like they are not supporting Trump, or worse yet, standing up to the bully at the pulpit.

Mike Todd, Twin Falls

Christians and Muslims

In Said Ahmed-Zaid’s column, “Religious diversity is a hallmark of the American experience” (Jan. 20), he says it’s ironic that Christians proselytize to Muslims, since Muslims don’t proselytize to Christians. He writes, “Members of these groups seem to think that ‘stealing’ adherents of other religions is all right because their religion is the ‘true’ religion. Muslims believe otherwise.”

Two points: First, Muslims and Christians each believe theirs is the “true” religion. Both Muslims and Christians proselytize, because they believe a person’s eternal destiny is determined by their belief in, and practice of, their religion. Though Muslims may not proselytize to Christians, in many Muslim countries, laws not only prohibit Christians from proselytizing, but often, citizens of that country are forced to either accept Islam or face being ostracized, harmed physically, and in some instances, killed.

Second, when Christians proselytize, their intention is not to “steal,” as the writer claims. Instead, they view proselytizing (or evangelizing) as something of value being shared with others.

From a Christian perspective, the following quote summarizes it perfectly: “Evangelism is one poor beggar who’s found some bread, telling another poor beggar where to find that bread.”

Robby Kautz, Eagle

Dental prices

As a senior I am sad to see the outrageous fees charged for dental work in the Treasure Valley. I guess the dentists think that people who come in to have dental work are all from California and have money to burn. Due to dental pricing I won’t be able to save a tooth, but have it pulled. I guess profit is everything at the expense of doing the right thing.

Alan Mackey, Meridian