Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor

Library, stadium

People of Boise are you listening to your mayor and his various “spokesmen”? One of them was reported in the Jan. 25 Statesman as saying, “We believe those projects [the library and sports stadium] are well within bounds [that elected officials can handle].” Well Mr. Journee, I disagree, and apparently many other people also disagree. Why else would the group Boise Working Together go to the extensive trouble of trying to get a public vote on this issue? An initiative proposal takes a lot of time and effort, and is not a frivolous endeavor. You and the mayor are being a bit cavalier by dismissing their efforts.

And as far as your comment that “both of these projects have had and will continue to have extensive public comment and review,” I have participated in more than one of your “public comment” sessions and conclude they are window dressing for the sake of being able to tout your sincerity that it was done. Nothing ever comes from them. It’s all for show. No project the city (mayor) has advocated comes in without significant overruns. The bigger the project, the bigger the overrun.

Let there be a vote.

Robert Goyden, Boise

Guns and domestic abusers

I was so pleased to read the editorial on Jan. 27 about the horrific impact of guns in the hands of domestic abusers. It is a chilling and important problem plaguing Idaho women that is too often swept under the rug. Audrey Dutton did a fantastic job gathering relevant information and combining that with the personal stories of Idaho women. I was interested to learn about the legislation that was shot down last year that would have addressed this issue. Lawmakers have a responsibility to reconsider measures to keep guns out of the hands of domestic abusers. We need to do better as a state to support responsible gun ownership. So thank you, Idaho Statesman, for bringing this story to the forefront.

Kari Filson, Boise

Chubbuck deputy

I find the the story of the deputy in Chubbuck shooting an unarmed teen extremely disturbing. More disturbing is that the prosecutor found it “justified.” I thought of the possibility of my child being shot while fleeing, unarmed, and it scared and infuriated me, as it should all parents. Nothing about this case feels like something that should happen to a kid. Nothing about this case sounds or feels right in any way. I believe this case needs to be taken up by state or possibly federal prosecutors to truly get to the truth of why a deputy needed to shoot a fleeing, unarmed kid. After all, the next kid could be mine. Or yours.

Chris Zarkos, Ketchum

Donald Trump

“What do you have to lose?” That was the question Donald Trump asked during the presidential campaign, imploring voters to give him a chance.

It hasn’t taken long for us to learn the answer to his question. What we have lost: decency, civil rights, respect for the rule of law, truth, dignity, a clean environment and the trust of our allies. In his two years in office, President Trump has trashed traditional values that truly made America great and carved out our unique standing in the world.

We’ve given Donald Trump the test drive he requested. Now it’s time for it to end.

William Rice, Boise


Pelosi-liberals-Statesman present greater hazard: High Tech Border Intrusion Sensors alert the Border Patrol across hundreds of miles, after that we must rely on fast reaction human response teams to get there effectively. Drones or helicopters cannot capture anyone directly. All military tacticians know this. Strategically placed barriers are force multipliers that will delay-divert-intimidate invaders allowing reduced interception times and increasingly discourage caravan’s new surge. Fact. It was not Trump who was withholding paychecks, he was the only one moving compromising offers. Everyone but liberals and Statesman owners and opinion editors know that if Pelosi gets the government open first, border security will remain porous and reams of Americans will not only lose a family paycheck, but their lives directly or through drugs. Pelosi has never visited the border, but once supported a barrier (add Obama and Schumer). Is she immoral? Why did I include the Statesman? Because they have turned “opinion” into propaganda for Democrats and the left. About nine out 10 cartoons are Trump degrading, ridiculing and base. Liberal letters and commentary abound, written by known liberal pundits. As a Statesman 365-subscriber for decades the shift is profound.

Earnest Harper, Boise