Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor

The wall

How naïve and stupid are we, the people, supposed to be? Trump supporters are trumpeting the idea that $5 billion is just a drop in the bucket of the total budget, so why not let Trump have it? Wait a minute. A drop in the bucket? Five-thousand million dollars is nothing? If it’s nothing to Trump cultists, then give it to Idaho, we would make good use of it. How many schools could be built, refurbished for $5 billion? How many teachers could be added to decrease class size, provide universal early childhood schooling, repair bridges, overpasses, build hospitals, provide health care, reduce poverty, and on and on. If Trump would give up weekend golf he could dedicate those millions to his wall. But it isn’t a worthless wall causing the conflict. The wall represents the issue, which is: Who runs this country — Trump, or we the people?

Lilburn Wesche, Ed.D., Boise

Guns and domestic abusers

Thank you to the Editorial Board for your support stopping deadly domestic gun violence in Idaho.

People think it will never happen to them, like my gun-owning family did. And then a man with a criminal record found legal ways to get a gun without a background check. He murdered my uncle when my uncle helped hide his daughter from this violent man. No one should be murdered for doing what any of us would do for our daughters, granddaughters or siblings.

Preventing these kinds of senseless murders begins with stronger laws that keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people, like domestic abusers. These sensible laws can prevent the murder of innocent people. Other states have seen reduced gun deaths. Idaho can, too; and trust me, you want as many laws on the books as possible when it happens to your family; to make sure the murderer stays in prison and can never again bring harm to your family or another family.

Our lawmakers have a duty to protect Idaho families. We must do all we can to implement common-sense laws in order to help prevent senseless murders. Please, before the unthinkable happens to your family, too.

Dianna David, Boise