Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Library, animal abuse verdict

New library

In response to a recent letter appearing in the Jan. 1 issue referring to the “4,000 people who visit the main library on a typical day” amounts to only “2 percent of the people in Boise” being an unstated premise. It was pointed out that 70 percent of the citizens hold a library card. Assuming that is accurate, I am one of the 70 percent. However, I find it much more convenient to go to my branch library located in a shopping center that also offers a drug store, a fitness center, a branch bank, a grocery store close to where I live and the parking is no problem. That particular branch library has recently been remodeled (by a local architect, I might add), enlarged and offers access to books, documents, digital media, meeting spaces, individual study rooms, a bank of computers that can be used for free and a great area with picture books, educational toys for toddlers and grade-school children. Why should the city spend $100 million to duplicate these same accommodations in an already highly congested area? In the time of Bieter and City Council, we need to get serious. Leave The Cabin where it is. Stick to building branch libraries as they become needed.

Betty Weston, Boise

Puppy-turtle verdict

The disgust I feel over the recent acquittal of the teacher who committed an act of extreme animal abuse cannot be adequately expressed. He claims that he did it to put the puppy (actually two) out of their misery. As a longtime dog owner I have had to make the difficult decision to have a beloved pet euthanized. That is how one humanely puts an animal out of its misery. Drowning a puppy so that it can be eaten by another (illegally acquired) creature is not humane. It is an act of sadism.

Much has been made about this person being a “popular” teacher. This begs the question: What if this individual wasn’t popular? Would the verdict have been different? Would the cowardly district administration remove this person from the classroom? Would the community have demonstrated some decency and stood up against this atrocity? It is a sad comment on our society that decency and justice have been reduced to a popularity contest.

LeAnn Traylor, Boise

Crosland verdict

Just one word comes to mind regarding the recent jury acquittal of teacher Robert Crosland: disgusting. The Idaho “good ’ol boys” mentality wins another round, at the expense of a helpless animal. Not proud of my state.

Ben House, Eagle