Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Government shutdown, The Cabin

Government shutdown

The government has shut down. Merry Christmas from the Trump White House. After all, no one lives paycheck to paycheck in the White House or Congress. No, it is the little guy doing his job day after day — he lives paycheck to paycheck and Trump doesn’t care about him or me or you. Trump only cares about Trump. He pressured the Fed not to raise rates because it costs him thousands in interest. He and his corporations, his friends and their corporations made money on the recent “tax cuts.” I haven’t seen increased income, have you? His wonderful tariffs are costing farmers billions so the government is bailing out the farmers. The tariffs are hurting my wallet but I don’t get a bailout, do you?

The Republican House and Senate thought they could control him, keep him from his own worst instincts, but they can’t. His favorite television hosts were critical because he agreed to sign a budget bill without billions for his wall, so he quickly changed his mind and reversed himself. What kind of president quakes in his booties when “unfriended” and criticized? One kind: the orange-faced toddler in the White House.

Joan Ehrnstein, Meridian

Government shutdown

The first government body to have to work without pay when the budget runs out should be the president, vice president and all members of Congress. President Trump already works without pay. If the rest of these so-called public servants had to do the same until they got together and approved a long-term budget, it might not drag out so long. Just saying ....

Randall Hickman, Caldwell

Government shutdown

It is past time for the government shutdown to end. Continuing on this path will only make things worse for government employees and the citizens of our country.

Let us not forget that there was a budget plan agreed to by the Congress and the president which included $1.6 billion for border security. Unfortunately, our president backed out of the deal he agreed to, the reason(s) for this seem to lean toward him not being able to stand up and abide by his own decisions and agreements.

We all must remember this as the government shutdown didn’t have to happen and could have easily been avoided.

Let’s hope the Congress can agree to put forth the previous plan and that the president of the United States can agree to the previous plan they all shared without causing any more pain or damage to our country.

Hugh E. Massie, Boise

Government shutdown

Of the People, By the People, For the People?

It’s interesting that the very people responsible for this government shutdown are the ones making the rules. It is also interesting that the president and White House staff, as well as the members of Congress and their staffers, are still receiving their paychecks. Just another example of a contrived crisis in which those responsible exempt themselves from the pain inflicted by their actions.

Debbie and Brian Moore, Boise

The Cabin

I want to add my name to those objecting to moving The Cabin to accommodate a new library that many would support if we were given the opportunity to weigh in. However, I cannot support moving The Cabin from its historical site for the reason given: The current plan includes a wall of glass with views to the river, which The Cabin apparently blocks. Tell me, please — who the heck goes to the library to watch the scenery?

Vivian Klein, Boise