Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: President Bush, Mayor Bieter, Plantation development

George H.W. Bush

In addition to President Bush’s ties to Idaho addressed in your articles, another comes to mind. On Sept. 2, 1944, longtime Boise resident Nat Adams took off from the carrier USS San Jacinto on a bombing run to the Japanese-held island of Chichi Jima. Also in the squadron was Lt. (jg) George H.W. Bush. During the attack, Bush’s plane was hit by anticraft fire and exploded just after he parachuted into the Pacific. The Japanese dispatched boats to capture the downed pilot. Nat Adams and three fellow aviators provided protection until Bush was retrieved by a U.S. Navy submarine.

President Bush learned that American pilots captured on Chichi Jima were summarily executed and credited Nat and the other three pilots with saving his life. The president communicated by phone and letter over the years, and in 2006 invited Nat and his wife, Sally, to the christening of the aircraft carrier USS George H.W. Bush. He also sent a letter which was read at Nat’s funeral service in 2007. The entire incident is chronicled in “Navy Wings of Gold,” Chapter 19, by F. Willard Robinson.

These men were representatives of the Greatest Generation in all respects. We should never forget them.

Guy G. Hurlbutt, Boise

Mayor Bieter

It is time for Mayor Bieter to go. Boise has no bus system and Mayor Bieter wants to spend $116 million for a 16-block trolley system. Unbelievable. Mayor Bieter has become arrogant and disconnected from the voters. His vision of a Boise that is all steel and concrete would destroy what Boise used to be and make it the most unlivable city in America. He ignored the folks who live on Hill Road and listened only to developers.

Mayor Dave never met a tax that he did not love. Nothing is too expensive for the mayor, whether it is an unneeded remodel of City Hall or a costly stadium. We cannot wait for the next mayoral election. It is time for Bieter to go.

Pete Peterson, Boise

Plantation development

As you may have seen on the front page in this paper earlier this month, an out-of-state developer wants to buy the space and ground in the Plantation area and develop it into apartments, houses and commerce. This developer wants to take one of the last open areas remaining with its park-like setting, 100-year-old trees, wetlands and wildlife to pave it over all in the name of “progress.” We, the people who live here, will be the “beneficiaries” of this low insight and efforts to change this open space. The developer will make tens of millions of dollars and walk away. We will be left with loss of nature, increased population, density, traffic and pollution.

In my opinion, selling part of Garden City for something we could do without, and more of what we don’t need or want, does not feel like “progress.” I know the City Council and those in positions to make a difference will agree and send this developer elsewhere.

Mike Downey, Garden City