Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Steelhead, Middleton teachers


As an avid outdoorsman, the suspension of the steelhead season hits home for me. I fish for both salmon and steelhead off the coast of Washington in the Columbia River through Oregon, and of course Idaho waterways. I am astonished by how drastically the fishing regulations have changed over the past 15 years across the Northwest because of “poor management plans” and “low returning numbers.” It’s about time we admit nothing will change until fishing regulations are placed on the Native Americans. I think it’s great we give them rights to the land, but not with modern technology, you can’t begin to tell me that it’s fair in any form. The steelhead and salmon populations will never stand a chance against all the nets strung along the Columbia River placed by Native Americans, or nets made of monofiliment which is almost undetectable for this species. If they manage to make it past the miles of river they swim, they have to make it past the Native Americans along Idaho rivers. The South Fork of the Salmon area is accessed with motorized vehicles by tribes that normally wouldn’t travel this far.

Erik Snead, Boise

Middleton teachers

The trouble with political correctness in the Middleton Halloween incident is that some are calling for the destruction of careers because of this one action. Though there are times when the single action of a person calls for firing, this Halloween incident doesn’t rise to that level.

I am confident that on Oct. 31, the teachers and staff at the Middleton school intended no malice, and had no idea how their actions would be interpreted by those they offended.

Those involved in this incident have apologized. They are committed to never repeat their indiscretion. After all their years of dedicated service benefiting children of all ethnicities, it makes no sense to destroy their careers.

Robby Kautz, Eagle