Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Trump, church and state; steelhead; campaign signs

Trump, church and state

When partisan political rhetoric began “seeping” across the pulpit, I felt compelled to depart a large local ministry I’d attended for over 20 years.

In the New Testament, the sole example of mainstream religion partnering with national government was the collaboration between “church and state” to crucify Christ. The church not only supplied the false “moral legitimacy” necessary to pull off the crucifixion, but also openly pandered to the corrupt Roman government to get what it needed most: government support.

This unholy alliance between church and state has been resurrected. Evangelicalism lends false moral legitimacy to the most corrupt/inept presidential administration in U.S. history in return for political favors, thereby crucifying the purity of the Christian faith.

Meanwhile, Trump continues to exploit “executive privilege” to brazenly cover up his serial lawlessness. If Congress continues to enable this old crook – a fox with the keys to the henhouse – then the results will be devastating.

Patriotic, God-fearing Americans aren’t supposed to support presidents who habitually lie, cheat and slander America’s leaders, allies and revered institutions.

“Because some people intentionally disregard the truth ... God will send a powerful delusion for them to believe, which will destroy them.” (New Testament).

Maybe Trump was heaven-sent.

Michael Howard, Boise

Steelhead runs

Hey, Idaho steelhead guides and anglers, good job shooting the messengers. You know, those folks who for 20-plus years have fought to protect steelhead spawning grounds from excessive sediments and mining pollution, required screens on irrigation intakes, challenged the government’s illegal 20-year failed fish policies and wild fish recovery efforts.

Yes, kick those greenies in the mouth for telling the truth: Idaho’s wild steelhead runs are in collapse; BPA is in financial crisis and cutting its fish budget; one day ratepayers are going to tire of spending 15 percent of their monthly electricity bills so anglers and guides can catch dwindling, costly hatchery fish.

Thanks, too, to Idaho’s Fish and Game for firing the first shot. Nah, IDFG’s 10-year failure to operate legal steelhead seasons isn’t IDFG’s fault. It’s the National Marine Fisheries Service’s fault. And IDFG knows why: It’s those pesky greenies again, those fish-hugging do-gooders demanding the feds heed laws and do their job.

This year’s Snake River steelhead runs are among the worst in 30 years. Jack salmon and steelhead numbers predict 2019 will be worse. Dams? Ocean conditions? Fish management? Nah. It’s the greenies. Without them, we could fish, fish, fish ... till the fish are gone.

Linwood Laughy, Moscow

Campaign signs

Attention coroner delegates; local and state representatives; ADHD candidates; secretary of state; for and against the previous propositions; and anyone else with roadside advertisements: Now that the 2018 elections are over, please pick up and clean up your campaign signs. They are an eyesore and display your laziness to pick up your trash. This request also is directed to yard sale signs and other nonessential or old posters. Thank you.

Shelley Bartlett, Meridian