Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Thank yous, leash laws

Thank you

What a fabulous Rock Party. Almost 700 people joined us at the Idaho Museum of Mining and Geology on Sept. 16, including over 350 children. A special thanks to my sister Patsy Wolter and friend Pat Ware for coordinating the Kid Stations. Approximately 80 volunteers were needed as well as the generosity of local businesses. Thank you to museum volunteers and friends, Boise Independent School District, Idaho Humanities Council, Old Idaho Pen, Idaho Botanical Garden, Midas Gold, SME, Idaho Statesman, Boise Weekly, Idaho Family Magazine, East Boise Community Work Center, Idaho Gold Prospectors and Office Max on Franklin.

Shirley Ewing, Rock Party coordinator, Boise

Thank you

I want to give my sincerest thanks to the person who found my business card holder at Art in the Park on Friday, Sept. 7. It contained my credit card, my driver’s license and some cash. Most of us can relate to how very upsetting it is to lose such things. Your honesty and the effort you took to turn it in is appreciated more than I can say. You saved me a tremendous amount of worry and time.

I also want to thank the man who worked on the security team at Art in the Park who took his personal time to bring my card holder with everything intact to my house Friday evening. I’m sure he had had a long, hot day, but he was kind and thoughtful enough to do this before going home. I was dumfounded when he gave it to me because I had not yet even realized that I had lost it. Because I was so shocked, I thanked him profusely but did not get his name.

I am very lucky to live here and to know that there are people like the two I have mentioned in our community. Thank you.

Linda Perkins, Meridian

Thank you

Thank you Dr. Colin Poole’s St Luke’s 5th floor post-surgical team. You rock. Katie Waldron, Shannon Dripps, Darrell Seawald, Ron Knapp, Margo Clark, Yuliya Kolodchenco and so many more behind the scenes who did an absolutely amazing job. They took such good care of me during my recent surgery.

They gave me such a great sense of security and encouragement after Dr. Poole performed a total knee replacement surgery – one down, one to go.

I would highly recommend Dr. Poole and this highly skilled, most compassionate post-op team at St. Luke’s in Meridian. See you in December.

Gladys A. Ashley, Eagle

Leash laws

I have recently moved here and I do not understand your leash laws. I have been rudely encountered three times in two months by dogs that are off the leash in public areas and in state parks that I pay to enter. Where I come from leash laws were taken seriously. It seems that here the owners just left; my other dog knocks me and my little seven-pound dog around. That might be OK for some, however I am handicapped. Why do some people think that their rights are more important than others? I need to go out and walk for physical therapy because I had a bad accident. I don’t feel safe doing that as dogs are off leash all the time. I’m talking about the Greenbelt, I’m talking about Eagle Island State Park and I am talking about Lucky Peak, as well as Fuller. In addition parks (Bark Park) for all dogs and specifically say little dogs only people let their big dogs go too. My neighbor down the street, when I first moved in, came to tell me not to let my dog out because neighbors had attack dogs they let out. Who decides life?

Maggie Harrell, Star