Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Vegan, Valley growth, voting, BSU baseball

Go vegan

There is a big problem with our society, specifically the way we treat our animals. No good person would think it justified to kill a dog. Using that logic, there is no moral justification to kill any other animal, including cows, pigs, chickens and turkeys.

As a society, we are so convinced that slaughtering farm animals is somehow OK and that their lives mean nothing. The insides of factory farms and slaughterhouses are horrific and no animal should have to endure that type of abuse.

It is up to us to make a difference. As consumers, we have a lot of power when we spend our money. Each and every one of us has the moral obligation to stop supporting industries that torture and kill animals, such as meat, dairy and eggs.

If people would realize how easy it is to go vegan and actually give it a try, this planet would be so much more peaceful. A lot of people say that they love animals, but in order for that to be true, they have to stop eating them first.

Mitch Kohler, Meridian

Valley growth

Those were the days my friend ....

When the air was clean and the view of the Boise front and the Owyhees were always sharp. When the smell of smoke in the air meant it was fall and people were burning leaves. When you went to Lake Lowell with your little boat and had the place to yourself. When a new dam went in at Lucky Peak with a “rooster tail.” Going to see it was an adventure, and the large reservoir behind it was fun to explore with no one else there. When you went to the state fair, it was on the corner of Orchard and Fairview. When you left the fair and headed to Meridian, it was all farmland, and after Meridian, it was farmland again all the way to Nampa or Kuna. Then came the news that in the mythical land of sunshine and orange groves called California, there was a place called Los Angeles that was said to be covered with houses as far as the eye could see, and it was enveloped by some ominous thing called smog.

Yes, those were the days my friend, we thought they would never end ....

Cheryl Weedon, Boise

Get registered

I encourage readers to ask, what has the Trump administration done in the past 20 months to help me … a farmer, teacher, small-business owner, veteran, retiree, etc.? The wealthy have benefited and corporate profits are high, but have your wages increased? The modest 2.7 percent wage gains are wiped out by 2.9 percent inflation. Though your taxes may be a bit lower, your earnings will need to be stretched further. The national debt continues to rise, and now Trump wants to add funding for a Space Force. Your children and grandchildren will be stuck paying off this outrageous debt. It’s time for a change. Get registered and vote. This election is critical and should not be about partisan politics. Elect people who will represent you and your needs. Get to know your candidates at the national, state, and local levels. Support those who can promote bipartisanship to restore balance to our government. Too many people say “I don’t vote.” This is not an option anymore. It’s time for all voices to be heard.

Kathy Dawes, Moscow

BSU baseball

The long-held dream of Bob Kustra for a spring, weather-dependent baseball program seems to be coming to fruition with the use of eminent domain in the guise of “public good.” The current data indicates a cost of $8 to $10 million plus $500,000 engineering fees.

I doubt that includes the impact of the overnight elimination of the wrestling program, increase in scholarships, travel for the team, coaching salaries, site purchases, interest on the debt, facility maintenance, and who knows what else.

I suggest the ballpark be named after Bob. The attendance figures for each game would clearly demonstrate the wisdom of his decision making and the benefits to the “public good.”

Bob Fritsch, Boise