Letters to the Editor

Roe v. Wade, emergency services

Roe v. Wade

According to Paul Weyrich, co-founder of the Moral Majority, the so-called “right to life” movement started, Catholic theology notwithstanding, when, after losing the fight to continue racial segregation at Bob Jones University, a group of “religious right” activists were searching for a new organizing issue. A conference call was held and abortion was suggested. It was this, not Roe v. Wade, that started this movement. The movement was born of political expediency, not moral principle.

The anti-abortion rights/family planning movement is at its heart about patriarchy and implies that women lack the moral, ethical and spiritual capability of controlling their own reproduction, so men must do so. Invoking God the father, and Jesus the son, male prophets, priests, preachers and politicians constitute the self-appointed reproductive gate keepers. Yes, there are women in this movement. However it is this religious cudgel, as well as medical misinformation about fetal development, and complications of abortion that are used to manipulate and convince some women to give up their essential rights to bodily integrity.

The impending overturning of Roe is a lesson on why we cannot stay on the sidelines as many did in 2016. Women’s lives matter.

Tim Teater, Boise

Emergency services costs

To all Canyon County residents.

Please be aware if you call for emergency services to come to your home, even though you do not leave your home, you will be billed. I am a 100 percent disabled veteran with diabetes and have had to call 911 several times. I told them I was a veteran and they submitted the bill to V.A. Transportation Dept. and the bills were denied. I am now over $6,000 in debt for services I was never told I would be charged for. Your taxes do not pay for this service as it does in most states. This is outrageous. And the sad part is no one stated there would be a charge for these services. This is not to take away from the wonderful EMTs and firefighters that came to my aid. On the occasion I did go in an ambulance, when I was having heart problems, they provided no service other than transporting me. Less than 2 miles — the bill was $945. Residents beware.

Warren King, Nampa