Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Female voters, McCain, GOP fair booth, growth, Meridian

Female voters

Are you a woman? If you are, please know that your state and your country need you — now. We really need all women to register and then vote in November. It should be clear by now that Idaho and America both need serious, sensible voters to decide who gets elected to office, and which ballot measures get passed. It’s my own personal feeling that women, perhaps because of their very natures, tend to take life more seriously than we men do. Of course, I’m crediting women with being thoughtful voters, informed about both the candidates and the issues before stepping into that voting booth. I’m sorry to say it, but many, many times men are much more willing to just go along with our good old Senator “Don’t Rock the Boat,” or maybe just re-elect Congressman “Same-Old-Same-Old” for his umpteenth term in Washington. Oh, let’s not forget how easily Governor “Looks Good on a Horse” gets re-elected here in Idaho. It is time for some serious changes. You have the power to make that happen. So you see, ladies, we really do need you to register and vote. Idaho will certainly thank you. And, in the long run, our country will too.

Bill Ahaus, Greenleaf

John McCain

Every time I think Trump can’t possibly be more despicable, he proves me wrong. Trump lowered the American flag at the White House for the minimum time required by U.S. code. He didn’t extend the mourning period for John McCain for one reason — he is a tiny, insecure man with no heart and no soul. He is intimidated by real men, and especially by real heroes. John McCain was too hawkish for my tastes. But there’s no denying he was a hero, a patriot and a self-sacrificing public servant. He was honest, showed great integrity and always put country first. The fraud in the White House has none of these qualities, and, in fact, is just the opposite.

Trump dragged the Republican Party into the toilet some time ago. What continues to amaze me is that Idaho’s own congressional delegation — Crapo, Labrador, Risch, and Simpson — remain largely silent in the face of endless outrages from the White House. Starting with the next election, we have the opportunity to start flushing the failed leadership in our state.

Terry Rich, Boise

GOP fair booth

Yes, I read about the Trump cutout at the fair. GOP, the party of hate ....

Eddie Edwards, Boise

I think voting for an Idaho Republican is voting for a mean-spirited bully. If you don’t believe me you should have been at the Republican booth at the Western Idaho Fair on Saturday, Aug. 25, where the local Republican Party was proudly displaying a lifesize cut-out of Donald Trump with a choke-hold on Hillary Clinton.

Darlene Pollard, Boise

Valley growth

All this complaining about the changes caused by the influx of newcomers to Boise and Idaho is laughable. You took the money, now take the consequences. Perhaps you did not sell and claim righteous indignation that you are not enabling the invaders to uproot everyone. What did happen is the citizenry elected politicians that are facilitating all the change for the sake of progress, profit, diversity; who cares what is the excuse. Citizens did not elect people who are better able to put in place policies that better maintain quality of life in the face of growth. This includes at the Legislature. So quit your complaining. You took the money. You brought the consequences on yourself. Grow up and look beyond your neighborhood. I guarantee you the forces of change are looking beyond single neighborhoods. And they are winning.

Michael Alvarado, Boise

Meridian growth

The recent letter to the editor from Bryan Pemberton about the growth in Meridian was only half right. Our city mayor and council have done a good job of controlling growth and we have witnessed growth from 10,000 in 1993 to over 100,000 today. I have attended many council meetings to witness our mayor and council wrestle with traffic issues. Fortunately we have one agency, ACHD, that works well with the city and is planning projects to improve local traffic on Linder and Ten Mile roads. They have already done a good job on Ustick.

On the other hand, the Idaho Transportation Department has been unresponsive and Idaho 20/26 (Chinden Boulevard) remains a major bottleneck. So let’s know the facts before picking on local government.

Larry Woodard, Meridian