Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Vandals football, taxes, Trump and McCain

Vandal football

I see the Idaho Vandals have started their new location in the Big Sky Conference by losing their opening game to Fresno State by 66 points — 79-13. That’s only one point shy of the record 80-14 drubbing the Vandals received in 2013 from Florida State when the Vandals were 1-11. Other Big Sky Conference teams won handily; Montana, Northern Iowa, Northern Arizona and Eastern Washington. The two-headed quarterback system for the Vandals worked really well, as the score indicated. If only they had one good quarterback. If they stayed within two or three touchdowns that might have been considered a partial success. But a nine-touchdown loss? If they were still in the Sun Belt Conference a 100-point loss could have seemed possible. Vandal Coach Petrino said, “I think we have some good ideas, but we have to have some good execution.” No coach, I think they had bad ideas with no execution. My heart aches for the poor Vandal fans. I wonder if even the Big Sky Conference is above their talent level. Is there a Little Sky Conference they could join next year?

Marty Kopelowitz, Meridian

Taxes, regulations

With another election cycle underway, we will be deluged with promises to “cut taxes” and “eliminate regulations,” as though they are inherently evil. The truth is that both of these are totally good and necessary for on orderly society. Yes, they can be used by bad people (politicians) for bad purposes, but basically we can’t do without them.

Take several examples: Regulations. Eliminate all traffic regulations, e.g., speed limits, lane markers, stop signs, parking restrictions, traffic signals, etc. I would really be fearful to go out in traffic if it’s each driver’s personal rules.

Taxes. No more garbage pickup. dump your sewage in the street, no fire or police protection. Heart attack? Too bad, no 911. What do your kids do in the morning when you go to work and there’s no schools?

Extreme examples, you say? But totally true. Before believing the politicians’ golden promises, ask them exactly what taxes and regulations do they propose to eliminate from our reasonably orderly society, and why.

Tom Nagle, Boise

Trump and McCain

The political circus in Washington continues to evolve into a widening and deepening of the political swamp. Indictments, guilty pleas, guilty verdicts, ineptness, incompetence and greed plague the president, his associates, his Cabinet and his family. His lack of respect for one of America’s true patriots, John McCain, reveals his mean-spirited, childlike personality. Watching this mess reminds me of the movie “Twins” starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito. Arnold inherited the good genes from an experimental genetic cocktail to create a superior individual. He grew up to be smart, trustworthy and ethical. His “identical” twin (DeVito) inherited the leftover genes and grew up to be dishonest, lacking both integrity and a moral compass. Hmmm, let’s see, there is President Obama who was elected president twice winning both the popular and electoral votes. He is honest, trustworthy and respected. Then there is Trump who won his election by gerrymandering and the intervention of a foreign influence. He believes alternative truths (lies) are better than facts, did not win the popular vote, and is a womanizer lacking both integrity and morals. His primary policies seem to be based on greed and “the end” justifies “the means.” Go figure.

John Ferrell, Boise

In 1954, Joseph Welch asked Sen. Joe McCarthy, “Have you no sense of decency?” Now, 64 years later, I ask Donald J. Trump that same question.

This country has lost a man of principle, a man of courage, and, yes, a man with flaws. His action which Trump mocks of turning his thumb down on the gutting of the Affordable Care Act was an action for the people he served rather than for the plutocrats that Trump serves.

John McCain had the courage to fight abroad, the courage to endure years of confinement and abuse, and the courage to confront a supporter to correct her perception of President Obama, a false perception that Trump helped perpetuate.

McCain recognized his own fallibility and did all he could to make amends for actions not for the common good. Unlike Trump, he had the courage to admit his mistakes rather than trying to distract from them with a torrent of lies.

Sen. John McCain, whatever his flaws, deserves more than a brief tweet and has earned more than a few hours of flying the flag he served for a few days at half-staff. I ask Trump again, “Have you no sense of decency?”

Alan Robert Slotkin, Eagle

It is embarrassing to be a Republican during this administration. We have a president who says “John McCain is not a war hero.” That is unpatriotic and ignorant. Then he, who has never been in the military let alone combat, who says “soldiers coming back from the war in middle east with PTSD are weak.” That is unpatriotic, ignorant and being a coward. It goes on and on.

Trump supporters need to educate themselves and get the facts correct.

Les Sweeney, Payette