Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Trump, Kavanaugh, Jordan, free press

Donald Trump

I continue to read how President Trump is unfit for the job, unqualified and is doing America harm.

It makes me wonder about — Tax cuts; North Korea meeting/deal; following his campaign promises; up economy; unemployment rates better than ever; border/immigration improvements; stopping the Iran deal; regulation roll back; going after ISIS/MS 13; improved fair world trade.

I am confused why he gets nothing but criticism for his wonderful and promised accomplishments. He is doing a great job.

Barry Goff, Eagle

Kavanaugh hearing

Senators Risch and Crapo need to remember their Oath Of Office as the Kavanaugh hearing begins. With the White House withholding 100,000+ pages, Grassley starting hearings before the Archives can even supply 100,000 additional papers, and especially with DJT increasingly mired in possible criminal activity and prosecution, they cannot in good faith vote “yes” on the Kavanaugh nomination.

These hearings should be postponed until after these valuable documents are available to all senators and the American people. Or even better, this ill-conceived nominee, who has clearly shown in writing and in word that he supports placing the presidency above the law, should have his nomination withdrawn.

Proceeding with a yes vote, if it comes to that, will become the largest black spot on Risch’s and Crapo’s political record.

They must search their soul and find the intellect and political courage to stand against this disastrous nominee. The people of Idaho deserve nothing less.

Rhonda Miracle, Boise

Paulette Jordan

The Statesman’s Aug. 19 Paulette Jordan article revealed that Jordan isn’t just another Democrat. She’s sincerely concerned about working Idahoans, and her refusal to take corporate money frees her from establishment, big money influences.

Nationally, both Democrats and Republicans have failed working class Americans. In 2009 Obama rescued big banks and corporations, while letting working Americans lose jobs and homes. Obamacare keeps money flowing to private insurance companies, but fails to insure everybody. Trump became president, promising to help working class Americans. He’s done the opposite: drastically cutting taxes for corporations and the rich, while workers’ wages have stagnated. Working Americans now realize that neither establishment Democrats nor Republicans will help them.

In Paulette Jordan, Idahoans have an independent minded candidate who puts her concern for working Idahoans above party allegiance and who won’t be the servant of big money politics.

Steven Csik, Boise

Free press editorial

The Statesman, in lock-step with other newspapers, editorializes that it is time for President Trump to end the war on the free press. I say that it is time for the press (I would hardly call it free) in this country to end the war on conservatives, which has been waged for decades now.

George Ruppel, Eagle