Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: State government, Trump, Mueller, We the people, Republicans

State government

I couple I know has a son with spina bifida. The son uses a wheelchair and is cognitively delayed. The parents are both legally blind and have many other health issues. Needless to say they need state assistance. They received notice that they will need to move out of their rented home of two years. This is something they have had to do frequently as they are at the mercy of the landlord. What really irritates me is that the state of Idaho could help this family and many more like them by helping them buy a home. Homeownership would also save the taxpayers money in the long run. Instead, the family uses Section 8 housing money for rent month after month. They can’t save money for a down payment because they would be penalized and have benefits taken away from them. What the state has done is emailed them information with names of agencies and their phone numbers. If you are blind, this isn’t that helpful. What a sad way to treat people. Our state government should be ashamed of itself.

Rosanna Lockett, Meridian

Donald Trump

Trump is opposed to chain migration. That’s what he says. How is it then that Melania’s parents are now American citizens? He is a hypocrite any way you look at it. His latest thing is the Space Force. He wants to control space. Space isn’t ours to control. Once again he is wasting taxpayer dollars unnecessarily. Instead of his space force, military parade and wall, maybe he should put our money to what is really needed. Flint needs clean water. Puerto Rico needs disaster relief. We all need health care. Instead of giving health care for all, he is now deporting legal immigrants who have health insurance through the ACA. He is too stupid to realize that by having health insurance, they are actually saving the rest of us money. We all pay for those that don’t have health care when they need medical care. It means higher premiums and higher prices for medical care for all, to make up for the money that hospitals aren’t getting from the uninsured. Trump promised to drain the swamp. He didn’t mention doing it by putting together the most unqualified people to fill government positions. The swamp now lives in the White House.

Michal Voloshen, Boise

We the people

We the people, together we can:

Bring back truth, integrity, honor and morality to Washington.

Exhibit character and live up to and stand by our commitments to our allies.

Use our tax dollars wisely and provide the $12 million-plus for benefits and assistance to our veterans — not a frivolous ego parade.

Enforce our laws with common sense and compassion.

Provide basic health care for all.

Protect our environment for generations to come.

Return manners and civility to our conversations, and re-establish the America worthy of respect, homage and admiration she once earned.

In closing, two quotes from Abraham Lincoln, “nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power,” and “a house divided against itself cannot stand.”

Together, we the people can lift up America to her former glory.

Claudia Havery, Nampa

Republican Party

We are better than this. Our Republican history of late includes:

Confirming as head of the FDA a former senior executive of the drug company behind the nation’s highest increases in insulin prices ever.

Silence while the secretary of Interior removed protections from thousands and thousands of acres of land with significant archeological importance to simply benefit companies interested in commercial mining and oil exploration.

The secretary of education is considering repealing laws that prohibit “for profit” educational institutions from taking advantage of students while sticking taxpayers with billions of dollars in defaulted student loans.

A president who is now revoking a security clearance for “revenge” because of criticism and the Russian investigation.

Trump is trying to take our eyes off the other scandals plaguing the administration. With the trial of Manafort and related testimony; the Russian investigation; the Stormy Daniels issues; and, now allegations from Omarosa. All of these serve to tell us about this president. The failure of anyone in Congress to speak up because of “fear” of Trump’s base will all serve to provide Democrats with ammunition in the 2018 midterm elections.

Can’t the party do anything to right our ship?

Peter Luciet, Boise

Donald Trump

If Donald J. Trump really wants to make America great again, he should resign from his office and take Mike Pence with him. They are both an embarrassment to this country and heaven knows what the rest of the world thinks about us.

Let’s have a special election and start over. Let’s make the Republican Party great again.

Gary F. Sasser, Meridian

Trump and Mueller

Come on, America.

I applaud Trump for wanting to speak directly with Mueller concerning Russia’s involvement in the 2016 Presidential election. I understand that Giuliani will have final say in the narrow path of questions that Mueller will be able to ask Trump during the session. As Donny has tweeted continuously, “Let’s get this illegal ‘witch hunt’ over now.” Here’s the only questions I envision Trump agreeing to respond to:

Mueller: What’s your name? Trump: Donny J. Trump.

Mueller: Do you think this is a “witch hunt?” Trump: Yes. A corrupt “witch hunt” led by crooked Hillary Clinton.

Mueller: Please provide us with specific evidence to substantiate your position? Trump: I’ll refer that question back to my great attorney — Rudolf Giuliani, but I know as your president, that it is an illegal “witch hunt.” Do you think I would lie to you?

Mueller: Well, I guess that’s good enough for us, Donny. Trump: See Rudolf, I told you I could convince Mueller that I was right. Now let’s focus on “The Wall.”

Come on, America. How long can we as civilized human beings continue to put up with this? It’s time we took our great country back — now.

Barry Lee Zamzow, Boise