Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: U of I investigation, firefighters, downtown stadium, BSU football

Thank you, Cripe and Statesman

A huge thank you to Chadd Cripe and the Idaho Statesman for his incredible job at investigative reporting. Initially, I encouraged Mairin not to speak to any reporters for fear that they would put words into her mouth or report things that weren’t true to make their story better. She, however, felt comfortable with him from the beginning and trusted him deeply. He did not disappoint. He did a fantastic job of finding so many pieces to the puzzle and finally putting that puzzle together. We learned a lot of things that we were never told at the time. His reporting was honest, accurate and truthful. He always found the information to collaborate anything that was said. His respect and concern for her and what she experienced was shown in many different ways. For that I am so very grateful.

This is an example of a reporter doing what they are meant to do: bring light where there is darkness, bring truth to dishonest dealings, bring healing and closure to victims who haven’t had that before. It is also an avenue to educate those who have and haven’t experienced this and those who may in the future.

JoAnn Jameson, Kindred, N.D.

Wildland firefighters

On July 24, we took our great-grandson on a drive to Pollock to deposit some garbage and discovered the west side of the hill was on fire.

That was the onset of the Rattlesnake Creek Fire that is still burning on the west side of U.S. 95 across from our home on Elk Lake Road.

We have grown accustomed to the smoke and the noises of the helicopters as they fly over carrying water to fight the fire that persists on creeping south and west.

Meanwhile, the firefighters placed hoses around the houses on this side of the highway in case the fire jumps the river and road.

We’ve also become accustomed to the increase in traffic as the firefighters patrol our area, as well as walk around patrols, inspecting hoses, looking for hot spots and furnishing us with some peace of mind as the fire rages on.

We owe a huge thank you to these people that put in long, hot dirty days on the fire lines and patrols that make us feel a lot safer.

Rob Strong, New Meadows

Boise stadium

Mamma Mia. Here we go again.

Now I am hearing that Whitewater and 27th Street is the location for the stadium. What is going on? Bad idea. Do the people involved in this decision even think about “what if?” That location is a major on-street to the freeway. With all the congestion from people attending any event, it will make that a dangerous situation. And where would there be parking enough for the estimated potential 5,000 people that may attend? There is no room. Also people will park and then be walking to the stadium. This again causes a dangerous situation with all the traffic going to the freeway.

There is a major hotel and the Whitewater apartments that will be affected by all the noise and fireworks — but I feel that does not matter, it is all about the money. The reason I think it is all about the money is that there are alternatives.

Create a grand sports complex by using the old racetrack land. Build a stadium in phases so that when complete it would have a roof for all year use. Even horse racing betting machines could be incorporated by having a section of the complex for that.

Cherry Woodbury, Boise

BSU football

I am a 100 percent disabled Vietnam veteran who loves Boise State football. I will, with my wife, attend my first game (Boise vs. BYU) this November. What’s the big deal?

I have PTSD and lost some use of my legs due to numerous injuries sustained in combat. I don’t live in Idaho and I have never been to Boise before. My wife and I will drive two days in winter weather (southwest Colorado) to yell and cheer the Broncos on to complete victory.

My sadness is that so many fans, in your part of Idaho, poorly attend the home games ... why? The televised games show numerous empty seats for a winning program. I don’t get it. Just what are the huge reasons for not attending other than the valid ones (jobs, illness, school, snowed in, etc.)?

I’m 69 years old; living with injuries isn’t easy for me but I’m making the drive as a Boise State fan ... the joy will overwhelm the physical pain. If I lived up your way, I would be a season ticket holder because I love my team.

Please, Boise fans, show up for the games. I will personally thank the fans around me for attending.

Stan Counsell, Pagosa Springs, Colo.