Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Smoke, thank you, free press

Smoke problems

Kevin Davenport’s excellent article of Aug. 15 (“Bad news, everyone. Idaho’s smoke problems are going to get worse”) demonstrates how Western wildfire smoke is negatively impacting our health and livelihoods, particularly for Idahoans who work outdoors. Since the smoke is a direct result of fires from longer fire seasons, air quality will continue to deteriorate. We must address the underlying causes.

Science is clear: Climate change increases the odds of longer, drier, hotter fire seasons. This not only negatively impacts health, but also our quality of life. Family trips into Idaho’s mountains and rangelands are canceled due to fires and smoke. More extreme, frequent fires and droughts affect wildlife, too.

Increasingly hotter temperatures and decreasing levels of rainfall and snowpack harm fish and game. They suffer from higher water temperatures, lower flows and associated disease. This impacts our economy. Tourists — and their money — will stop coming to fish and float our rivers, hunt our game, and hike our trails.

It’s time we muster the political will to respond. If you care about our economy, enjoy recreation; if you live here and breathe this air, this concerns you. Tell Idaho’s elected officials it’s time to take action toward bipartisan solutions.

Linda Rytterager, Boise

Thanks for articles

I am writing to thank you (and the authors) for the uplifting articles, “She needed a life,” by Tim Woodward, and “The Catmobile,” by Darin Oswald. Personally, I get so very tired of Trump and his escapades. It is highly refreshing to hear of some good people just doing good work. Working to make the world a better place. Not for financial gain, but just because they care. Bring me more of these stories. There are things each of us can do to better our world. Let’s get to it.

Bonnie Ash, Meridian

Free press

The free press is not the enemy of the people.

It is the last line of defense against tyranny.

Jim Nolan, Boise