Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Fuel efficiency standards, American farmers

Fuel efficiency standards

America’s existing fuel efficiency standards save money for folks at all income levels, and keep our vehicles more affordable. Resulting savings are a bigger slice of the household pie for middle- and low-income families. Rural families benefit most, with more vehicles, longer driving distances and little public transportation. Improved fuel efficiency is forecast to save Americans $50 billion by 2030.

We improve national security and trade balances when we lower our dependency on oil, foreign or domestic. We can use money saved for food, clothing or education. Our air is cleaner. That’s why 75-plus percent of Americans support increased vehicle mileage.

But Andrew Wheeler, former coal lobbyist and new EPA chief, wants to put progress in reverse.

Auto manufacturers helped create the original mileage standards, so must have calculated that they were achievable and profitable. Many have already exceeded them.

America can accelerate leadership in electric vehicles, with no tailpipe emissions. We can also put our ingenuity to work building more efficient gas vehicles, saving us money. Other countries are already down that road, dusting us.

Contact the EPA and tell them we need to keep improving our vehicles’ efficiency.

Lisa Hecht, Boise

American farmers

The sad irony of it all is surreal: The once mighty American (e.g. Idaho) farmer, literally capable of feeding the world, will soon be forced to stand on the corner of Bankruptcy Road and Poverty Lane with tin cup in hand while begging for a slice of the $12 billion in taxpayer-funded government hand-outs just to keep from literally “losing the farm.” All this coming misery brought to us by an East Coast elite who’s never had a speck of honest American soil under his manicured fingernails in his entire life. Think about that, Idaho.

His ego-driven and infantile attempt to bully America’s closest allies (think Canada, Mexico and Europe) and world trading partners will instead end up hurting the very bedrock of our nation. If you think food and commodity prices are high now, you haven’t seen what a real trade war can do.

Hang in there America — the ride ahead is about to get very uncomfortable, for everyone except the East Coast elitist who started this mess.

Joe Numbers, Boise