Letters to the Editor

Abortion, Dark Money, Meridian growth


In response to Rabbi Fink’s July 29 column on faith, I have to wonder which deity he represents. The god of Self? The creator God of the Torah, that saw what he chose to create as good. Does “our choice” allow us to eliminate the innocent because we decide that it’s not loveable. Do we keep to our fallen nature and pride and become the sole arbiters of who merit our love? Should we model the God of love? Should we correct our ways of thinking about ourselves, our relationships, our God or gods, before embarking on journeys that lead to to destructive and devastating outcomes? As a Christian I imagine a woman at a well that explains to Christ her problem of being pregnant (by rape or consensual sex — you choose). “What should I do, Lord?” He answers “You choose. What works for you works for me.”

Gerald Lee, Boise

Dark Money

You can’t follow the Dark Money. Washington is all about the money. In the Aug. 12 edition of the Idaho Statesman, Cory Bliss of the conservative Congressional Leadership Fund states, “It’s never too late to work harder and raise more money.” And it’s not just the Republicans.

In 2006 the former Democratic Congressman Rahm Emanuel stated, “The first third of your campaign is money, money, money. The second third is money, money, money. The final third is votes, press, and money.” And now, 12 years later, we can’t even follow the money to see who is funding whom.

The term Dark Money, now also a book and a movie running Aug. 24-30 at The Flicks, refers to contributions by individual contributors, organizations, companies, businesses, etc. to a 501 (c) 4 organization that do not have to be disclosed. These contributions are just reported as a lump sum by the 501 (c) 4 entity. In short, you can’t follow the Dark Money.

If the voters can’t follow the money, then how do we know whom to vote for? Are we just supposed to believe what the people in power tell us?

Jason Smith, Boise

Meridian growth

I will not vote for the mayor or the board of the city of Meridian. To let the city go to overbuilding and overpopulation should be a crime. We don’t have the roads or facilities to have the town grow this way. You can’t move anywhere down the roads as they are all packed.

Bryan Pemberton, Meridian