Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Marsy’s Law, Vicky McIntyre, Trump’s tax plan, flaggers, grizzlies

Marsy’s Law

When I moved to Idaho from Arizona, I was surprised about the struggles in the Capitol to get changes to Idaho’s Victims Bill of Rights passed. As a curious person, I looked at the changes that were being proposed. I’m not a lawyer, but nothing in there jumped out at me as being a deal breaker or going too far. But then again, that is because I am from Arizona, where similar laws have already been on the books for years without problems. Then I read about how Idaho’s legislators were concerned about how Marsy’s Law would bring so many problems — which somehow never occurred in Arizona or any of the other states with similar laws. Hey, I moved to Idaho because I wanted “different,” but I meant a better place to raise my family, have a business and home, etc. I didn’t know “different” would mean less protections if I ever become a victim. Somehow that doesn’t make Idaho seem like a better place for my family, or business, or home. Maybe Idaho legislators should rethink that and start supporting Marsy’s Law if they truly want to protect victims, and make this a place where families can feel safe.

Kristen Cavalieri, Boise

Vicky McIntyre

Reality check — it is about time our government officials were reminded that they work for and are accountable to the people. The recent allegations against Vicky McIntyre and her refusal to comply with a request to surrender her county-owned credit card is an excellent example. Politicians are not above the law and are accountable to their branch of government and to we the people, who pay their salaries and benefits. Now Ms. McIntyre could reap the harvest of her ill-sewn seeds. Did it work how you thought it would, Vicky?

John Cooper, Boise

Trump’s tax plan

“It’s the economy, stupid” is a phrase President Trump’s political operatives will be repeating often in the 2018 and 2020 elections. There will be an all-out effort to persuade voters a strong economy offsets the governing incompetence and moral bankruptcy of his administration.

Trump’s strategy could backfire if working-class voters find the promised financial benefits haven’t materialized for them. Their tax reduction plan unquestionably has our economy on a “sugar high.” The GOP sold tax cuts as relief for the nation’s vanishing middle class but an unintended consequence of pouring billions of extra dollars into the coffers of America’s wealthiest families and largest corporations has been rising inflation.

Promised beneficiaries of the president’s tax reduction should ignore the political spin and make an honest effort to evaluate their net benefit after increased inflation. Many will find the few extra dollars in their monthly paychecks hasn’t offset the rising cost of groceries, gas and most living necessities.

The dishonesty of Trump’s “great tax achievement” should inspire voters to make the next elections about right or wrong. Our democracy is threatened when leaders tell voters to dismiss everything they see or hear from the free press and blindly accept the administration’s “truth.”

Sandy Jones, Boise

Watch for flaggers

The other day a flagger was hit by a car. Luckily he is OK. I have experienced close calls myself. I cannot believe how many drivers are just mean to flaggers. We are only doing our jobs, we would not come to your job, shove our way through, flipping you off and yelling horrible things at you. We stand in the direct sun, wind, rain and snow to keep people safe. If you can’t handle waiting a couple extra minutes, take a different route. Every one of you use these roads that are being fixed and would be the first to complain about anything wrong with the roads. Road rage is illegal and dangerous. Those of you that decide to spin your tires in the chipseal that was just laid down, shame on you. You were trying to ruin the work being done, so it has to be repaired and then more people have to sit and wait when it is being fixed. Please slow down and get off your phone. Remember our Golden Rule, treat others how you want to be treated.

Maggy Melison, Boise

Grizzly bear hunt

Fish and Game has issued a permit for the killing of a grizzly bear. Why? Being removed from the endangered species list is not, in itself, sufficient reason to authorize a hunt. Neither is satisfying the demand from those who want a hunt a sufficient reason. Is anyone listening to the great number of us who do not want a hunt? The truth is that no amount of after-the-fact rationalizing can justify the killing of this magnificent creature. Some will say the impact on the grizzly population will be minimal. But the impact on the one bear will be absolute. That bear is the result of millennia-long natural processes. And how is it that we (humans) feel entitled to arbitrarily interrupt that process? Is it only so that some person can have the twisted satisfaction of the kill, the posed photograph of the great sportsman with rifle and dead animal, perhaps a bear skin on wall or floor?

To my friends who feel the authorization of the grizzly hunt is a fine thing, I respectfully suggest that you carefully examine your motives.

Mel Melton, Boise