Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Trump, Marsy’s Law


I am distraught that Trump is calling for an end to the Russia investigation headed by Robert Mueller.

Senators Risch and Crapo must defend the rule of law. They must defend our republic. They should allow this to come to its conclusion of its own accord. There have been too many indictments to brush it aside.

Trump should not be allowed another Supreme Court pick until the probe has ended. Seemed to operate just fine with eight justices while Congress ignored Merrick Garland’s nomination and there was no justification for that. None.

No Kavanaugh. No terminating the Russia probe. I want to hear their reasoning if Risch and Crapo feel otherwise.

Maire Scott-Jones, Boise

Donald Trump

My immediate thoughts to Alyson Rene’ Martin’s letter are boiling up. Trump’s intelligence can’t be measured by any educational tests or normal standards because it’s of another nature. It is in the category of con artists. Remember Bernie Madoff and James Arthur Houge? Houge is the imposter who most famously entered Princeton University by posing as a self-taught orphan.

I believe persons in the con-artist category make fast use of their own sixth sense to read people and situations to play them for all that it’s worth, to themselves.

Put that “gift” together with other Trump traits – quick-draw reactions, anti-intellectual, narcissist behavior – and it explains Trump’s stance: I’m right no matter how often I flip-flop or lie. For this amalgam of brain work it takes a medical diagnosis, not an IQ test.

Barbara Barrington, Boise

Donald Trump

Just in case you haven’t caught the latest hypnotic scan Trump is putting out there. He says the Russians are going to help the Democrats win this next election.

Come on, people, don’t let him in your head with all this damaging trash.

Hopefully the Democrats will take over and help us out of the hole we are being swallowed up in. It’s going to take years to fix this mess. Believe me, Putin isn’t in our heads, but if Trump can find a way to make it look like Putin did it or if he works it out with him to do something, the Democrats don’t need their help. If you haven’t noticed, the Democrats are for the people, for the country. God help us.

Bill Knight, Boise

Marsy’s Law

All you have to do is turn on the TV to know that we live in a scary world. Every day the news is filled with stories of horrific incidents that deeply impact people’s lives. These stories both frighten and prepare people for what could happen to anyone at any moment. But what someone cannot prepare for is the unknown trauma, after the original trauma has occurred. That’s what some victims in Idaho experience during the court process due to outdated laws.

Last session, a group called Marsy’s Law for Idaho proposed HJR 8, a constitutional amendment that would add to Idaho’s current Victims Bill of Rights. In 1992, the people of Idaho made the decision that victims’ rights are so important they deserve constitutional protections — but for some reason there are lawmakers today who do not believe that the people of Idaho should get to decide if those protections need updating. I was disappointed to hear that some legislators like Rep. Lynn Luker (R-Boise) would prevent Idaho citizens from voting on such a critical issue that touches just about every one of us. Victims deserve protection, just like Idahoans deserved to be able to vote on Marsy’s Law.

Sara Wonderlich, Boise