Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Nuclear waste, Simpson, rodeos, Trump

Nuclear waste

When I discussed the proposed shipments of nuclear waste from Hanford, Wash., to the Idaho National Laboratory (INL) with Rep. Mike Simpson recently, he was eager to welcome the waste. Mr. Simpson went so far as saying the 1995 Nuclear Waste Settlement Agreement between Idaho and the federal government should be “updated,” enabling the shipments which are prohibited under the terms of the agreement signed by Gov. Phil Batt. This is unconscionable.

Idahoans must oppose vigorously the hazardous transport of Hanford waste to INL through Boise and other cities. At least 33,600 barrels with undefined, potentially flammable or explosive radioactive contents would travel the 500 miles to INL. It would endanger people near I-84, I-86, I-15 and the railroad. Accidents in transit could be catastrophic. Realize that federal government accounts about spill cleanups repeatedly twist facts and overestimate safety. Plutonium waste lasts many thousands of years.

Once here, the waste may stay at INL forever, endangering Idaho’s clean water and air.

Tell Rep. Simpson and Idaho Attorney General Wasden you oppose the shipments. Don’t let Idaho become a nuclear waste dump.

Don’t waste Idaho.

David Monsees, Boise

Rep. Simpson

I have been writing to Rep. Mike Simpson about my concerns about Donald Trump and the harm he is doing to our state’s economy and to our country. All I get in return is a canned email thanking me for visiting his website. Congressman Simpson doesn’t even seriously consider my concerns. He seems to be so concerned with keeping his job that he is willing to sell his soul and support Trump no matter what he does.

I am going to start donating to and volunteering to help Aaron Swisher. Maybe if he is elected, he will be more responsive to his constituents than Mike Simpson seems to feel he needs to be.

Katherine Zuckerman, Boise

Rodeos are cruel

“There comes a time when one must take a position that is not popular, but he must take it because conscience tells him it is right.” — Martin Luther King Jr.

I am doing that here and now, because someone has to say it: Rodeos are evil.

Why must men try to show how big and bad they are by riding distressed bulls and horses, and wrestling distressed calves to the ground, twisting their necks? Why should little kids ride distressed sheep? None of this is necessary. There are humane ways to tame a horse instead of breaking its spirit.

See the documentary “Are Rodeos Culture or Cruelty?” and the many exposes on YouTube.

Rodeos should go the way of bull fighting and animal circuses. Its time to evolve and move on.

I know there will be backlash against my words, but people, you need to stop and ponder, and feel in your heart.

Cowboys can be cool without being cruel.

Deborah K. Espen, Meridian

Trump and Russia

The farcical Helsinki summit showed the world that when it comes to standing up to Russia, Donald Trump is no Ronald Reagan. Trump fell all over himself kissing Putin’s posterior.

Robert Welch, the founder of the conservative John Birch Society, claimed that President Dwight D. Eisenhower was “a dedicated, conscious agent of the communist conspiracy.”

Where is the conservative today who will say the same of Donald Trump?

Beginning in the 1960s, conservatives called Democrats and liberals “comsymps,” that is, “communist sympathizers.”

What conservative today will say the same of Trump’s Republican Party?

At the rate Trump and his Republican fellow-travelers are bowing to Putin, it won’t be long until Trump’s Republican Party is added to the attorney general’s List of Subversive Organizations.

Gary L. Bennett, Boise