Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Motorists, Trump, Boise library, car registration

Inconsiderate drivers

On July 18 I was on my way to visit my daughter in Meridian. I stopped at the light on Eagle at Fairview and my car’s electrical system shut down. I turned my flashers on but they didn’t appear to be working because when the light changed, the people behind me started honking and I could see them yelling. It was nearly 90 outside and my car was heating up pretty fast. I couldn’t get out of my car because the traffic was moving fast. My daughter came and parked behind me and turned her flashers on, but people were still yelling at us when they had to go around. We saw a Meridian police officer, flagged him down and he came to our rescue (thank you). He turned his lights on behind us and sat there along with another officer for nearly 40 minutes waiting for a tow truck. During the 20 minutes before my daughter came, one person, while stopped at the light, even acknowledged me, but no one offered any assistance. I’m 68 years old and I’ve lived here most of my life and am so saddened but what progress has done to our valley.

Peggy Ferdinand, Nampa

Trump and Putin

NFL players should take a page from President Trump’s playbook and deliver to him this same message he shouted at quarterback Colin Kaepernick: “Get that SOB off the field. He’s fired.”

Rational Americans and our allies who watched Trump’s press conference with Vladimir Putin after their widely heralded summit must have been embarrassed by our president’s pathetic performance on the world stage. His capitulation to a clearly better prepared and more intelligent Russian dictator was so scary, a good referee would have applied the mercy rule to stop the mismatch.

Vice President Pence and Trump’s Republican stooges in Congress have once again grabbed their pooper bags, scurrying around Washington in a desperate effort to clean up or put a political spin on their great leader’s latest mess. America’s voters must get off their couches on Nov. 6 and mercifully end this political carnage.

Alston Jones, Boise

Boise library

Recent letters to this page have voiced opposition to the planned renovation of Boise’s downtown library, and several suggest a lack of appreciation for the library’s many functions. It’s more than Wi-Fi for those who lack access at their homes. It’s more than physical storage of books.

Our library serves people. Trained staff members assist students seeking content for school assignments. Adults browse a well-curated shelf of new acquisitions. The auditorium seats citizens gathered for community meetings and informative programs.

Indeed, the proposed cost is substantial. And the fate of The Cabin deserves serious consideration. But don’t underestimate the social, economic and educational value of a great library.

Cecilia Merz, Boise

Car registration

Someone called in to a local talk show the other day with what I thought was a great idea. Why not charge the same registration fee for all cars? Why is there a graduated fee based on year of car? Seems to me that I probably drive my 10-year-old car as much as I would if it were new. Isn’t this fee supposed to pay for roads, etc.? If the top fee was reduced and the bottom raised, the same amount or more could be raised and all cars would be paying equal. Also, why not take the sales tax on vehicle-associated items and put it towards transportation costs?

Jim Price, Boise