Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Nuclear Idaho, Idaho delegation

Nuclear Idaho

A strong nuclear program is essential for a cleaner, safer environment. Wind and solar alone can’t power a functional emission-free electrical program.

Nuclear power was developed at the INL but leaders let that billion-dollar industry leave. It has elsewhere improved the standard of living for over a billion people. It now pays high salaries, benefits and taxes elsewhere.

The invalid argument of aquifer protection is used against the INL while millions of pounds of pesticides and herbicide, millions of gallons of petroleum fuel, millions of tons of fertilizer, and uncounted tons of animal waste are all safely stored and also liberally used above that same aquifer. It’s foolish to think somehow solid uranium fused into a ceramic pellet, welded inside a metal zirconyl tube, sealed inside a stainless steel fuel bundle, all totally encased inside a steel storage cask will somehow contaminate the aquifer. There has not been nor will there be nuclear contamination of the aquifer.

Idaho’s leaders must strongly support not only enhanced nuclear power but also the world-class leader in materials management industries at the INL. Both are safe and could be extremely profitable for us.

Paul Blacker, Meridian

Idaho delegation

Conservative columnist Michael Gerson wrote the following recently:

If Mueller finds evidence of Trump’s complicity, obstruction or corruption, Republicans in Congress must support the removal of the president from office. If Republicans in Congress can’t make that simple pledge today, they must be removed from office. If the GOP proves unequal to this national security threat, it has ceased to be a responsible, governing party.

My question to our national representatives — Senators Risch and Crapo and Congressmen Simpson and Labrador — is this: Will you make this pledge? If no, why not?

Terry L. Gilbert, Boise