Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Boise development, Trump, immigration


I have read with interest the difficulty that our City Council has had dealing with North End and Downtown issues such as the new stadium and Councilman Ludwig’s downtown development. However, I believe that the solution to these and many other such conundrums could be followed by looking at precedent. When the Conger/Rush housing project in Southeast Boise was put forward, the council came to a Solomon-esque decision that should be used in these projects. This compromise, touted by the members as sound because “no one is happy,” could readily be used because it was deemed sufficient for another part of the city.

This would mean that both the stadium and Ludwig’s development would be allowed to build 16 percent of the stadium with seating and 16 percent of the urban building dwellings. This will be limited until the traffic problem is solved with an emergency dirt road with a locked gate. Once this is completed, the rest of the stadium and development can be finished. In the “unlikely” event the road is not completed, then the project will be refused any more construction.

After all, if it is good enough for Southeast Boise.

Mark R. Hoffman, Boise


As one who has watched a loved one die of cancer, I think most of us would agree that cancer is a terrible disease. It takes over one organ after another, then debilitates and, ultimately, kills the host in agony. Donald Trump has tried to gut health care, he has gutted most environmental protections, he has gutted diplomacy, he is trashing our economic future by adding trillions of dollars of debt for the immediate benefit of the ultra rich and corporations (i.e: himself). We have reached a crossroads. Health care is collapsing. The environment is at an irreversible tipping point. The economy is unsustainable. Trump is like cancer. Short of major surgery (another American revolution), our only chemotherapy treatment against the Trump cancer is to vote his enablers and co-conspirators out of office. Vote – make your voice heard, American democracy and our future could be on its deathbed.

Bob Christensen, Eagle


The Trump administration has been in hot water again for an immigration policy they did not create. Separating children from parents detained at the border was a 2016 9th District Court of Appeals decision that deemed detaining entire families together was more inhumane then separating them. This came after the Obama administration began detaining families as a form of deterring illegal immigration that had been steadily increasing over his tenure. Yet, even though Trump didn’t create the policy, wasn’t the first to use it, and is following a decision laid down by one of the most liberal courts in America, he is still being portrayed as the devil reincarnated. Pushing narratives that are missing a basic layer of fact and can be debunked by anyone with a laptop or cellphone is no way to restore a crumbling media relationship with a more and more distrusting American people.

Nik Zabala, Meridian