Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Immigration, the border, John Kasich


I read Stephen Basil’s Donald Trump letter on June 27. I see his point concerning a recent international conference. Unfortunately Stephen does not see that his letter applies perfectly to his Democratic Party’s position on illegal immigration. That’s one reason Donald Trump is our president.

Jim Smith, Boise

John Kasich

Will the pied piper continue to lead us down the highway to destruction or are enough concerned Americans going to halt the Trump march to demagoguery and oligarchy? Trump has transformed the Republican Party into a cult of his own by combining white supremacists, closed-minded religionists and the regressive, bigoted wing of the party into mindless followers.

Unfortunately, the Democrats have dissolved into an “against” party with no leadership and an “agenda” of opposing Trump rather than offering alternatives.

Voters need to rise above party affiliation and identify themselves as Americans, instead of putting party first, and vote for candidates who agree to represent everyone, not just the wealthy and Trump’s despotic agenda.

Out of the abyss, rising above the blustering, lying, ranting and bragging of Trump, is the rational voice of John Kasich, governor of Ohio. His conservative, reasonable philosophy offers a sane difference and middle ground in the highly polarized political/social world of today.

Concerned Americans, in both parties, need to set aside blind party obeisance, adopt a bipartisan or nonpartisan tone, unite behind Kasich, and restore respect and decency, as well as intelligent leadership and civility, to the White House and the nation.

Lilburn Wesche, Boise

Border problems

Our southern border is a problem for both the Democrats and the Republicans. Though not perfect, it seems the Republicans desire to obey the law to protect us and our country. It seems the Democrats are do-good humanitarians, willing to ignore the law for the sake of lawbreakers. Sometimes the Democrats do little more than complain.

I have a suggested way for the complainers to do something beneficial for all. It would please most of the people on this side of the border and even help those desiring to cross our border, to not become criminals from the start.

If the humanitarian Democrats really want to help, they ought to try the following suggestion. It would probably take only a few thousand good, helpful Democrats to get the job done. All this helpful crew would need to do is stand at the southern border with large placards, painted with a large arrow pointed toward the nearest Port of Entry and lettered, “This Way to Freedom.”

I’ll try to help send the first Democrat south to the border and I’ll just bet there is a host of people willing to send a lot more Democrats south.

Curt Vieselmeyer, Boise